A Surprise Date

We had a date, an actual DATE over the weekend. With just Travis and me!

My sister, Katie, was home for Spring Break and when she offered to watch Jack I jumped at the chance for some grown up time. Usually when we have our dates, Travis and I get caught up on whatever the latest movie is to hit the theaters and enjoy some yummy food. However, this time I decided to be all sneaky and plan a surprise.

Oh, and here is what I wore. Travis has been asking me to wear my sassy boots for a couple weeks but there has been too much snow on the ground (the treads are kind of slippery in snow), so I busted them out for our date:

Back to the date surprise…we both LOVE massages, but neither of us has gotten one in a really, really long time. So, I booked an hour long massage for each of us for Saturday afternoon. Of course, I wanted to tell Travis right away… but somehow held out and kept my mouth shut. I did taunt him with “I planned something AWESOME” for a few days, but then I kind of freaked out that I was overselling it and stopped.

Then, when we were pulling out of the driveway to leave I turned to Travis and told him in a super excited and animated way that we were going to GET OUR PALMS READ!!!!! He had kind of a frozen look on his face and faked a semi-enthusiastic “okay” before I laughed at him and told him the real surprise.

The massages were fantastic and exactly what we both needed. He’s been working a ton of hours and we have both been super stressed, so to just lay there and have someone massage you for 60 minutes was absolute heaven. We walked out of there in a daze and went straight across the street to a sushi place we’ve been wanting to try. With our bellies filled with sushi, we decided that we didn’t want our date to end yet. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even 6:00 yet and it felt kind of lame to head home so early.

So we went to one of our favorite local restaurants and sat in the back room by the BAR. Yeah, that’s right. We might be parents but we totally know how to party. We got drinks and dessert and it was the perfect end to a pretty amazing date with my husband. Now, of course, I need to figure out when we can have another one!


Have you ever planned a surprise date? Was it as well-received as you imagined it would be? Do you have the problem of wanting to tell someone a surprise the moment you plan it?

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2 thoughts on “A Surprise Date”

  1. Great job, Julie! I do want to tell someone their surprise the moment I plan it because I’m just so excited about how much they’ll love it! I usually only plan dates for Ben’s birthday, so your post inspired me to step it up 🙂

    1. Thanks Jessy! So many times I find myself wishing that Travis would take the initiative and plan a romantic date… so I figured I’d just imagine my perfect date and do it myself! =)

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