The Absolute Best Baby Shower Gift

For a few years it seemed like everyone was getting married and now everyone is popping out babies. A couple of my favorite ladies have had baby showers recently and I think I have figured out the absolute best baby shower gift. It’s easy, it works for almost every baby, and it is stuff that the parents actually need.


As a new parent it can be overwhelming to try and think of every single thing that your newborn may need and purchase it before they’ve even come into the world. But, when your kid is sick the last thing you want to do is take your sick baby and run out to the store, right?

Start with a cute little plastic bin:

baby shower gift 1 - Pocketful of Joules

Then, add in the following:

baby shower gift 2 - Pocketful of Joules

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water
I was sent a bottle of this back when we were getting the Citrus Lane subscription box (RIP) and it was a total life-saver with Jack. I like that this set has two smaller bottles, so that the second one stays nice and fresh until you need to crack it open.

Infants’ Tylenol Pain Reliever-Fever Reducer
You never want your baby to get sick, but with germs floating around and everyone touching your kid… well, it’s going to happen. Having Tylenol on hand keeps you from those middle of the night freakouts when your kiddo is burning up and you can’t find any medicine in the house.

Hyland’s Baby Nightime Teething Tablets
Not that the baby will be teething immediately, but those budding teeth do tend to sneak up on you quicker than you think they will. We loved the Hyland’s Teething Tabs and could see an immediate difference when we used them on Jack. I like to throw in a bottle of these so that the parents-to-be are prepared for everything!

Anti-Monkey Butt Baby Diaper Rash Cream
We tried pretty much every diaper cream out there when Jack was an infant and this one was the hands-down absolute BEST. It’s almost magical how your kid could have a bright red butt one minute and be totally healed after using this cream for a few hours. A-MAZ-ING!

Bulb Syringe
We call this guy the ‘blue boogie sucker’ in our house and it is a necessity when dealing with a booger-filled baby nose. Yet another of those things you don’t think of until your kid is shooting boogey bubbles out of their face.

If you want to add in a few more items, you can also include a digital ear thermometer (we have this one), nail clippers, and even a teething toy.

With your little kit o’ fun, the new parents are ready for baby emergencies. The best part is that since everything is all packaged up in a little bin, they can put it straight in the linen closet!

Asking All Parents: in hindsight, what do you wish you would have received at your baby shower?


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10 thoughts on “The Absolute Best Baby Shower Gift”

  1. This is the perfect baby shower gift. It’s fun to give clothes but honestly babies grow so fast that you really don’t need a lot of clothes. That is if you have a washing machine in your house!

  2. Great tips for a shower gift! You must be Canadian since you mentioned gripe water? I was born and raised there, and I know you cant buy it here in the states, unless that cool to see someone mention something from my homeplace!


  3. Great ideas for a baby shower gift. I used Hyland’s teething tablets with both my kids. I was so happy to get them when my son was a teething baby after trying them at my sister in laws house. I always tell people about them. I love to give baby lotion, soap, diaper rash cream and a bath time book or toy for a baby shower gift. I also try to give a board book or two since most people don’t give them for shower gifts and I love to encourage reading.

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