Allergy Eyes

28 Mar

Oh my gosh, it’s only March and my allergies are killing me! I wear gas permeable (aka hard) contact lenses and by the end of the day I wish I could pop out my eyes along with the lenses and give them a nice wash in the sink.

I already take Zyrtec every night year-round for my allergies and I sometimes shake it up a bit and switch out with Allegra or Clariton just to keep the medication working. As for eyes, I’ve tried saline drops and also putting an ice pack on my face.

I did have a recommendation on my Instagram to try Zaditor, which is an eye drop antihistamine. I think I can use that after I take my contact lenses out at night, but I’m pretty sure I can’t use it on top of my lenses during the day.

So now I’d like to know, do you also have dry, swollen, ouchy allergy eyes? If so, what works for you??

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