Another Apple iWatch Band Dupe


I just wanted to share a quick impulse buy with you all! I decided to switch up my iWatch band look again and really liked the braided loop ones I saw on the Apple website but not the $99 price tag. Especially knowing that I get bored and like to change my watch bands Remember those old-school swatch watches!? Anywhoo, I walked my fingers over to Amazon – as I tend to do – and found this fantastic dupe for $19.99: Solo Loop Strap

The sizing was a little confusing, but I measured my wrist with a measuring tape and it was exactly 7 inches, which by Googling I found was 177.8 mm. According to the listing, a #8 size is for 171mm – 178mm, so that is what I ordered.

It was just delivered yesterday afternoon and it fits perfect. There is no clasp and it just stretches over your hand to fit on your wrist:

If you’re looking for a $20 dupe to a $99 watch band, it’s a pretty great deal!

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