Kid Room Decor: Monkeys, Giraffes & Babies

Okay my fabulous Pocketful readers, here’s another decorating post for you – the nursery.

We weren’t really sure if we were still going to be in the rental apartment when Jack was born, so I started working on my nursery plans while we were still there. However, just in case we moved I made sure not to spend time on anything that couldn’t go with us. So, when we moved into our new house we had all the pieces I needed to put the nursery back together, we just needed the time to do it.

Well, you find time when your baby is born two months early! Within a couple days of my return from the hospital, we had thrown everything back together so that it was ready for Jack’s impending arrival home.

Luckily, the room was already painted a neutral brown tone with fun green carpet (well, fun if you’re doing a monkey and giraffe room). I really didn’t have the time or energy to paint another room, and I definitely did not want any lingering fumes left in there for my little preemie baby.

Here is a shot of the room before I prepared it for Jack:

What’s funny is that they already had a safari theme going on, or at least a huge wooden giraffe hanging out in the room. I would have loved it if they left that behind, but they totally took Hector with them (yes, I named their giraffe Hector).

Here’s the nursery after I finished with it:

Here are my favorite parts about the nursery:

I found a few jungle-ish fabrics that I loved and created a cute little pennant to hang over Jack’s crib. There are lots of tutorials online to show you how to do this, but I just kind of made it up as I went along and love the finished product. I also framed three of the fabrics as ‘art’ and hung them over the changing area.

So, I have an issue with spray paint… I LOVE to spray paint things random colors. So when I saw a drab wooden nightstand at Goodwill for $30 I immediately took it home so that I could sand it down and paint it a fun color. Love, love, LOVE this nightstand and it almost ended up in our hallway instead of Jack’s room.

The best part of the room is that we now have a baby home to enjoy it! Here is Jack on one of his very first tryouts of his new crib.

Speaking of my little stinker, he’s calling me with his request to be fed — so I’d better run! I’m thinking my blog posts will be ending quite abruptly for the next few weeks, um, months…

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