Another Life Update while Quarantining

It’s been about three weeks since my last Life Update post, so let’s do an update by the numbers:

  • Today is the start of week 5 of me fully teleworking from home 5x a week.
  • Out of the last 45 days, I have spent 39 of them at my house.
  • Today is the start of week 6 of Jack being out of school.
  • Out of those 6 weeks, we have been doing classwork for all 6 weeks and full online schooling on Google Classrooms for 4 weeks.
  • The Governor announced on Friday that schools will be closed through May 15th, which means Jack will be out of school for 9 weeks, at least.

In a way, the past weeks have flown by… but in another way they have dragged on and on and on.

We have settled into a routine, which is helpful… as I am the kinda girl who likes a good routine. However, it is getting quite monotonous at times with no end in sight. I was hoping that maybe we could return to life in May, but now school is closed though May 15th at least.

And don’t even get me started on the people who inform me that I must be dreaming if I think Jack is going back to school in May. I KNOW. Let me have some hope… please!

Honestly, I would be overjoyed if Jack could go back to school in mid-May, but I’m not counting on it. There have been some whispers of a potential summer school option and I am all for that too. I’m concerned with him being out of school for so long and then having summer break for even longer.

Also, whether he goes back to school or not… at some point I’ll have to return to the office. And he will have to go somewhere.

I do understand that we are one of the lucky families and I do feel very thankful for that. I am still able to do my job through teleworking. My husband is still able to work most days as an essential worker (as a truck driver, he is part of the supply chain). Jack is doing fine with online schooling. We are healthy, we can pay our bills, we have food to eat.

And weekends are awesome. While the weekdays are a difficult and stressful juggle of work and school, on weekends we just do whatever we want to do and it’s fabulous. We’ve been working our way through the Harry Potter movies. I’ve been doing some crafting and reading and closet cleaning and Poshmark posting.

So we will keep surviving. And we will keep counting down the days until we reach another weekend!

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