Another Slim Kid Shorts Hack

I’ve talked about it before, but Jack is one of those tall slim kids where it’s hard to get pants to fit in the waist AND the length. I wrote a post back in November on how I switch out the drawstring in his pants with elastic (find it here) and I did the same thing for his shorts this summer. Well, when we went down to Florida, I realized I was going to need to do something with his swim trunks and came up with a new EVEN EASIER way to do it.

Drawstring toggles!

If you’ve ever done that thing where you knot your kid’s swim trunks tight so that they won’t fall down and then have to deal with the freakout when they can’t get their pants down to go to the bathroom and the wet string is impossible to undo… you need these.

I purchased a 30 pack of assorted colors on Amazon for $9 and let Jack pick which color he wanted on each pair of this year’s swim trunks.

They also work out great for more *fancy* shorts. I had to purchase a pair of chino-type shorts for Jack (even though he HATES all non-exercise shorts right now) for some upcoming events and the drawstring toggle will work perfect for keeping them up around his waist without the constant tying/untying issues.

Fun fact: they are also great on shoes, for when you want the shoestrings to stay tight without retying them!

Also, this $9 pack will basically last us forever, since I can just steal them back off a pair of shorts when he outgrows them.

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3 thoughts on “Another Slim Kid Shorts Hack”

  1. I always lose the tie on my pjs, and have to dig it out in the waist, and hope it doesn’t disappear in the waist again. Maybe this would help. Thanks.

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