Ants in My Pants

I’m having a grumpy kind of day. Part of it has to do with the constant waiting when it comes to anticipating a house contract. I feel very jumpy and edgy because even though right now we have to sit tight and twiddle our thumbs, as soon as we hear about the contract we’ll have to hurry up and do something about it. We’ll need to make a decision about whether to accept their offer, or take the chance of counter-offering whatever they send through. We also get to finally start touring the houses on our own “top 5” list that we’ve been stalking.

Actually, stalking is almost putting it mildly. We’ve kept a favorites list for the past few months, created a spreadsheet of our top 18 and then spent this last weekend driving around to each of them to check out the neighborhoods. We now have a final eight houses on our list, with a top five that we can’t wait to see. Well, my husband has a top one that he can’t wait to see, but I’ve been begging him to be more open minded. Which is something else that’s been making me stressed, I hate to be a bad guy but I really want us to end up with a house that we can live in for the next 20+ years. All of the possible ‘what ifs’ run through my mind 24/7, affecting not only my waking hours but making my dreams even weirder than usual. If there was any question of whether I was really “type A” I think this paragraph pretty much proves it.

In addition to my house selling/buying obsession, Maryland’s annual allergies have also caused me to be a bit crankier than usual. Nobody feels that attractive with itchy eyes and throat. There’s usually a week or two that is just the most horrible for me, so I’m hoping that this is one of them so that I can see the light at the end of the hazy, pollen-filled tunnel.

Last (and keep in mind, this is only Tuesday), we’ve had an unexpected expense this week that is kind of bumming me out. Fortunately, we also received an unexpected check for almost the exact amount of the expense, but still I feel like we’re throwing $500 in the trash. Which I would definitely categorize as Not Awesome.

Anyways, that’s all my complaining that I’m allowing myself to do. In true Joules-fashion, I’m spinning this around back to positive to get out of my head and over it. That and I’m kind of sick of listening to my complaining. It drives me nuts to hear people just whine and complain about things that they can’t do anything about. Of course, it’s equally annoying to hear complaining about something that’s changeable but the person doesn’t actually make the change.

So it’s time to shut my yap (or silence my typing fingers) and go through my bin o’ positive stuff for the day:

  • I’m wearing a super cute dress that makes me want to tell people that I’m a pretty princess while spinning around to show them my swirly skirt.
  • This is going to be an extremely busy and fun month at work with some upcoming events that we’ve planned.
  • My husband is really cute and pretty awesome.
  • If we take the people at what they said to their agent, we will be receiving a contract on our house (most likely) this week.
  • On my list of stuff to do is to give my dog a haircut and he always looks super adorable when he’s freshly shaven.
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