Apple iWatch Band Dupe

I’ve had an Apple iWatch for almost three years now and I’m still loving it and strapping it on every single day. Typically for work, I upgrade to more of a fancy watchband look (I have this one in leopard). However, now that I’ve been home full-time for quite a while and most of my looks lean more towards athleisure (aka pajamas or workout clothes), I went back to the black silicone band that came with my watch.

But that is just so boring…

So, I did some Amazon stalking of watchbands and I found the PERFECT Apple iWatch band dupe! Go back and look at that photo above… one of those is my original watch band and the others are the silicone version from Amazon. The iWatch bands cost $49 on the Apple website and the lookalike bands are $11.99 for a 4-pack. The official Apple band is the one on the far left and the only difference I can find is the color of the pokey bit and the amount of holes.

I wanted a fun mix of colors, so I chose the Wine Red/Olive/Black/Coral Red pack. I’ve been wearing the coral red band for the past month and I love it. It’s just the right amount of orangy-red pop that I wanted.

It’s also super comfortable and when I get it wet or sweaty, it wipes right off. The best part… the entire 4-pack of colors is only $11.99 with free prime shipping (they have since discontinued the ones I originally purchased, but after doing a bunch of research these are quite similar)! There are eleven different color combo options to choose from and in my opinion they are almost identical to the much more expensive Apple version.

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