Are you Black Friday Shopping?

Every year I refuse to start my holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving. But then, there is Black Friday madness. And Cyber Monday. It works out well for me since I tend to do the majority of my gift shopping online… but it’s also kind of overwhelming! I’ve never been the type to stand in line at a store waiting for it to open on Black Friday… but I do typically check a few websites to see if there are any sales I can’t resist.

This year I only have a few places I’ll be checking out on Black Friday/Cyber Monday:

The Rothy’s website (link). The company has been teasing a new release and I’ll be clicking over to see if anything new launches. I’ve been holding on to some referral credits so that if something fantastic is released I can jump on it!

The Lucky Brand website. (link). I love Lucky Brand t-shirts and boots for me, and their jeans for my husband. I was planning to check them out on Black Friday, but when I clicked over to do a little window shopping I saw that they have already launched their 50% off Black Friday sale! I ordered this embroidered blouse and this sweater.

The World Market website (link). World Market always has such fun holiday gifts! Lots of generally cool stuff and also beautifully tinned snacks and treats. The one in Rockville that I occasionally visit also has a great (and reasonable) wine section. I’m planning to check out the website and if I’m feeling energetic, I may make the trip to the store to get started on my Christmas shopping. Probably not though… I’m pretty committed to being lazy this weekend. (link). I love Amazon. I do the majority of my ‘random crap needed for the house’ shopping there because I have Prime – typically I’ll get a household staple faster than trying to find the time to run to a nearby store. On my ‘check if they’re on sale list’ for Christmas is a Yeti travel coffee mug, Elephant and Piggy books and Nintendo DS games.

Are you shopping anywhere for Black Friday? Do you get up early and stand in line?


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5 thoughts on “Are you Black Friday Shopping?”

  1. I really hate that it all starts on Thanksgiving now, but sometimes depending on who we’re with, we’ll go out just to see the crazy crowds and snag something. I don’t think there’s anything out there that i need this year, but the Lucky sale is interesting and my bed could use a new blanket, so…I might checkout JCPenney since it’s nearby 🙂 Good luck!

    1. Many stores also have ‘cyber Monday’ sales, so if they don’t last through the weekend… there are usually new deals on Monday! It does make me wonder HOW much most items are marked up in stores though!

  2. I’m not one for shopping. I prefer to shop in person if I have to shop. Even on-line shopping is not my thing. The only type of shopping I can’t resist is for books. 😉

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