Are You Still Mad About Lilly?

As many of you know – or have heard since the weekend – the Lilly for Target collaboration was a shitstorm. And yes, that is the technical term.

Grown women apparently acted like linebackers going into the store, grabbing cartloads of merchandise and then hiding out in aisles to barter for the good stuff. Target online was overrun and totally shut down around 3am. And from what I can tell, the majority of people who really wanted to buy something were left empty handed and disappointed.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the almost 30,000 listings of Lilly for Target merchandise on eBay right now.

When the lookbook first came out, I wrote a special post over on BlogHer about My 5 Favorites. Before the sale went live, I actually narrowed down my list to just two items: the white eyelet coverup, and either the Upstream or Boom Boom one-piece swimsuit.

I had heard that the online sale would go live around 3:00 EST, so when I woke up randomly at 3:30 am because I was hot as heck in my room (boo, sunburn), I wandered into my office and clicked on Target’s website. I found my items, clicked on my size and added them to my cart. And nothing happened. So, I tried again. And nothing happened.

Finally, I closed the site and then went to reopen it. And the entire Target site was down.

I figured I’d go back to sleep and try again in the morning. But, of course, by time I checked the site at 7:45 am EVERYTHING was sold out. I was considering driving 15 minutes to my local Target, but then decided I’d rather drink my coffee and watch Wreck it Ralph with Jack for the 27th time. I’m glad I did too, because when I called later that day they said that the entire collection was gone in under 5 minutes.

So, yeah. I’m kind of disappointed.

It kind of sucks that shoppers like me who wanted just one or two items lost out, when other people made order after order after order and ended up with almost the entire collection. How do I know that? Well, check instagram under #targetforlilly. It’s sick.

I guess it is possible that returns will be rolling into my local Target within the next couple weeks. But honestly, at this point I’m so turned off with how Target handled the entire situation that I think I’ll pass.

How about you, did you end up with any Lilly merchandise? Were you pushed aside by a Lilly-wearing mob at your local target? Did you see any of those back-aisle dealings that I heard where people grabbed an entire basketful and then BARTERED with their fellow shoppers?


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8 thoughts on “Are You Still Mad About Lilly?”

  1. Another blogger that I read was really pissed about this too. I don’t get it because I’m not a fashion person (jeans and a Doctor Who tshirt for me!) but I remember being super mad over the my size Frozen dolls over Christmas when people were buying them up and selling them for twice the amount on Ebay. Ridiculous.

  2. Shitstorm is the perfect word. I saw a tote for sale for $80 on Instagram from someone I took to be a reputable seller with scruples. Screw that. Unfollow.

    1. Ugh, I had to unfollow somebody too. They bought up the entire collection and were selling it off piece by piece at inflated prices. NOPE!

  3. Love Wreck-it-Ralph. I got so sad to see a little homeless Qbert!

    Ok onto Target. I’ve been to Target in the US and it’s cool but I totally don’t get what the big deal is. Target tried in Canada and crashed and burned on an epic scale. I mean it was horrible. Empty shelves all the time, crappy prices. It was a disaster. They invested Billions and bailed after barely 2 years. It was sad.

    1. I have to fight tears every time Ralph destroys Vanellope’s car…

      I was so surprised when I heard that Target gave up in Canada. Of course, if we had empty shelves and crappy prices, nobody would shop there in the US either!

  4. I was super disappointed! I’ve been able to get pieces from their designer collections before but this one was handled poorly. I heard the entire plus size line was made available to select customers (the CC holders?) and sold out immediately – it was never even available to the general public. I was going to stop by on Saturday because I need to restock sunblock and other items but I heard Lilly sold out so I didn’t bother since I can buy all those other items at CVS with a discount. They need to come up with a better plan, maybe a slow release and consider restocking items. This is only going to lose them customers in the long run. It’s sad, I told my hubby about it and he encouraged me to just buy the real thing and pointed out the quality is likely better.

    1. I feel like they handled the Tom’s collection really well, they even restocked everything online and in stores after a couple weeks! I didn’t know that they held the plus sized collection for only select customers… that is so STUPID!

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