August Thrift Haul

The thrifting gods have been smiling on me lately. Last month I found that fabulous $335 Hugo Boss skirt for just $8 and WAIT until you see what I found this month! I didn’t try anything on in the store, so I did a quick try-on when I got home before everything went into the washing machine.

Here’s what I found:

Boden tank top, $6

Boden jersey tank tops range from $40 – $75 on their website (I know, crazy right?!), so when I saw this one in perfect condition, I grabbed it up. I’m normally a 10 or 12 in Boden, so when I saw this was a US 8 I was crossing my fingers that it would fit. Luckily it fits great, except for a little snugness under the arms. I’m planning to wear this tucked into a skirt with a cardigan for work, so if it’s too annoying I’ll do a little tailoring to give myself a smidge more room.

Mystery skirt, $6

This skirt truly is a mystery. The tag has been cut out and there are no other tags inside. So, there is no size and no brand. However, it’s a MAGICAL mystery skirt because it fits perfectly. It feels like a heavy cotton/linen kind of fabric and washed up great on cold (I hung it to dry). I love it!

Here it is for my try-on:

And here it is in action for a weekend outfit:

Jones New York dress, $13

I liked the abstract design of the fabric and the faux wrap top with a self-tie waist. This is a perfect work dress for fall/winter and will look equally great with flats or tights and booties.

MNG by Mango dress, $13

I was super excited to find this dress because it is an ‘almost dupe’ for a dress that has been showing up in my Instagram ads. The ad that keeps popping up is a lady in a very similar dress showing four different ways to style it for all seasons and I’ve been very tempted to buy one of my own. This one was MUCH cheaper at just $13! It has a cute drawstring so you can adjust the waist as you’d like.

I recently shared a reel where I decided to flip the dress backwards for a more flattering neckline:

Talbots leather belt, $5

A thin braided leather belt has been on my thrift list for a couple months now, so I was thrilled to find this one still new with tags. It sold at Talbots for $44.50 and I scored it for just $5. This is perfect for what I wanted and I’m so happy that it was at the thrift store waiting for me to find it.

Eileen Fisher silk skirt, $12

YOU GUYS. This is absolutely the ‘score of the month’ for me! This is a 100% silk perfect condition Eileen Fisher skirt and OHMYGOSH it’s fabulous. A similar skirt is selling on the Eileen Fisher website for $248, so $12 is a steal. I was worried I’d have to send it to the dry cleaner, but it said it was ‘handwash cold’ so I stuck it in the washing machine on ‘light wash/cold’ and let it hang dry. The skirt is so beautiful and lightweight and just my style. While I’m typically a large, Eileen Fisher runs notoriously big, so it’s a bit loose at the waist. I plan to wear it with a belt to keep it a little more snug and secure.

Pallet picture, $6

I thrifted another pallet picture this month with the intentions of painting it for an art project. However, I’ve recently collected a few pairs of earrings and had the idea to make a quick and easy earring display.

I love how it turned out:

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One thought on “August Thrift Haul”

  1. You look great in all of your thrifted clothes! Probably, because you are so happy about your finds! I think these clothes are just waiting for you to find them.

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