A Better 2018: Unfollow the Hate Reads

Instead of doing specific resolutions for 2018, I’m just trying to make each aspect of my life a little better. For example, instead of having a goal like “run 100 miles” like I did last year, my goal is to do the 5k and 10k races I really enjoyed last year… and then add a few more to try out. Instead of “delete all my social media apps from my phone” I’ve decided to do some medicinal unfollowing.

I don’t know about you, but there are a few people on Instagram and Facebook that I kind of just follow for a hate read. Every time I see one of their posts I either feel bad about myself, or I roll my eyes and snark about each post. So, I decided to just hit the unfollow button. I unfollowed a few accounts on Instagram last week and it really feels so much better! I also ‘muted’ a few friend accounts on Facebook and WOW does that help.

So, for today’s little tip… if a social media account doesn’t make you feel GOOD, then say bye!

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3 thoughts on “A Better 2018: Unfollow the Hate Reads”

  1. YES! I’ve been doing this for about a year now and it has helped me, too. First, I am not exposed to content that makes me feel badly. Second, I have more time because I don’t have as many accounts to scroll through. Double win! Facebook recently added a “snooze for 30 days” button, but I’m more of an all-or-nothing type so I just unfollow and move on.

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