BIG Mistake

You know how I’m a little bit obsessed with delicious marshmallows?

I mean, I’ve done really well at cutting back a little bit, but gourmet marshmallows are pretty darn hard to resist. I did that product review for Plush Puffs where I was forced (FORCED I tell you!) to taste four different flavors of their amazingly awesome products. I also was given gifts from my friends (and boss), which of course also had to be tasted (aka devoured).

Christmas gift from my boss. His note said “one is for those tough days and one is to mask your obvious drinking problem.” Best. Boss. Ever!

So yeah, I’m a bit of a marshmallow aficionado.

Well, what I didn’t tell you was that I actually reached out to four different gourmet marshmallow companies asking if I could please, please, pretty please sample their marshmallows so that I can do a review for my blog. I figured, it couldn’t hurt.

I mean, on the blogosphere scale, my blog is considered pretty small potatoes. I don’t have millions of monthly views or thousands of Facebook fans. But the views and fans I have are pretty ridiculously awesome and loyal, so I’d much rather celebrate the quality of you guys over the quantity of others.

Anyways, it was pretty much one of the best days of my year (besides, um, the whole birthing of my son thing…) when the PRESIDENT of Plush Puffs emailed me back (after reading my missing marshmallow story) and said since I was obviously such a fan of gourmet marshmallows that they would love to send me some to taste.

AWESOME, right?!

So everybody wins. I felt like a BIG DOG and got to taste some magnificent marshmallows. They LOVED the review and the silly pictures I posted, and it cost them less than $30 retail (which I’m sure is a lot less not-retail).

Good relationships all around!

What’s funny is that one of the other gourmet marshmallow companies I contacted emailed me back with quite a different response. Instead of just saying something to the effect of “thanks, but no thanks” or just ignoring me altogether, they informed me that my Klout score wasn’t high enough for them to communicate with me or my readers.

Um, what?

I mean, I totally expected them to ask about page views and Facebook fan counts and all that jazz, but to base their entire decision on my Klout* score?

No engaging me at all. Just a quick (yet a little bit rude) email that I wasn’t important enough for them to bother with.

Oh, okay.

And honestly, it really didn’t even bother me THAT MUCH. I mean, I’m cool. Small (or even medium sized) companies might not have the budget to send samples to every random blogger girl who asks. Even if that blogger girl is the biggest fan of gourmet marshmallows in all the land. I pretty much forgot about it and even forgot which company it was (which I looked up for this post, but won’t be sharing because I’m not mean like that).

Anyways, here is where I’m slowly making my way towards my point. Which {spoiler alert} is, “Always be nice to the little guy.”

I work at a university and I’m planning a marshmallow toasting event for next month. It’s going to be a fun (and admittedly a bit kooky) way for people to network and bond in a professional setting while making and enjoying some s’mores. Fun, right?

Well, I decided that it would be nice to have a little goodie bag item for the attendees of the event. A little somethin’ somethin’ that they could take with them to remember what a nice time they had. And that somethin’ somethin’ is going to be a package of gourmet marshmallows.

So, I ordered 5 cases of marshmallows from Plush Puffs.

That’s right, I ordered FIVE CASES – because they gave me a chance and had incredibly awesome customer service that left me with a smile on my face (and a sugary marshmallow in my mouth).

This moment has been running around in my head since I’ve made the order:

So yeah, always be nice to the little guy. Due to their awesome response to my email and spending (maybe) $30 on a sample pack, Plush Puffs can count me as one of their fans. In addition to that, my readers know how great they are and now a whole bunch of young educated professionals are going to get to sample their product too. If they love it, they’ll tell their friends and so on and so on.

Be nice to the little guy!

That flustered mom that you’re being rude to because her family has the audacity to come to your restaurant for dinner might be the same one who has a blog with 100,000 loyal readers. The tired traveler that you screw over on his hotel room reservation might be the guy who is posting his review on Trip Advisor. The badly dressed prostitute might just have a wealthy suitor who is happy to let her spend a bazillion dollars on his credit card.

You never know, do you?
So take a deep breath and try to be nice.

And send me marshmallows. That’s a good moral of the story too.

*For those of you unfamiliar with Klout, it’s a way of measuring “social influence” by looking at your online posts and interactions and assigning you a corresponding number. By the way, my Klout score is currently a respectable 54 thankyouverymuch.

PS. This is not a sponsored post and I didn’t receive payment in product or money for saying nice things about Plush Puffs. They just rock.

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  1. You’ve got TONS of Klout with me!! (that might not be the biggest compliment, because I’m fairly certain I’ve got no Klout). Now KRAUT, THAT I’ve got plenty of!

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