Big Truck Day (aka the BEST Day of Jack’s Life)

For those of you with toddlers/who had toddlers at some point/or who know toddlers, you know that trucks are kind of a big deal.

Jack is OBSESSED with trucks and no car ride is complete without him pointing out trucks, tow trucks, big trucks or tractors. Every. Single. Car ride.

So when my friend suggested we join her and her kids for the Baltimore City Big Truck Day this past weekend, I knew that Jack would never forgive me if I passed this up.

Big Truck Day is an annual event and was held at the Museum of Industry’s outdoor waterfront area overlooking the Baltimore Harbor. Basically it is a HUGE parking lot filled with fire trucks, tow trucks, tractors, and more. All the kids were allowed to get in the trucks, play in the back of them AND beep the horns. Totally AWESOME!

Oh yeah, and it was FREE! They even gave each child their own work vest and hat. For safety, of course.

hat and vest



Have you ever seen a fire boat? I think I might have been even more excited than the kids. It was SO FREAKING COOL!




photo 4

All the truck drivers, firemen and county workers there were super nice and so great with the kids. Jack is still quite shy when thrown into these types of situations, but finally cracked a smile when a fireman let him play with his flashlight.


So a big THANK YOU to Baltimore City for putting on Big Truck Day. We will definitely be back next year!

Do you have a kid that is obsessed with trucks? Have you ever gone to a Big Truck Day celebration in your city? Is it just my kid, or do all two-year-olds keep a stoic face throughout the event of their life, only to talk nonstop about how awesome it was afterwards?!

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7 thoughts on “Big Truck Day (aka the BEST Day of Jack’s Life)”

  1. I have furry children and they are obsessed with everything that moves. And making sure to bark at said moving objects.

    1. Yes, Ollie is also obsessed with barking at things. Especially my husband’s friend, when he wants to come in from the garage to use the bathroom.

  2. That would of been awesome! I also have a son who turned two in February and he would have been in heaven. It’s all trucks, cars, and trains right now. I googled to see if we have anything like that in Atlanta, but all I got was links to buy a big rig or go to the Monster truck jam, um no. But while I was digging I did discover that this weekend is Toddler Takeover at the High Museum of Art – so thanks Joules – have a great weekend with your little guy!

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