BlogHer16: The Highlights Reel

Last year after BlogHer, I found that I was such a combination of burnt out and busting at the seams with knowledge that anything I tried to write up about the event ended up being 200 pages of long-windedness. Instead, I put together a little highlight reel of the year’s conference that seemed to work pretty well… so I’m going to do it again this year for BlogHer16.

Most of my BlogHer adventures will be included in this post, but I’m also planning to do a couple more that are more topic specific: Exploring LA (I’ll link to it here once I write it) and a BlogHer16 Swag & Giveaway (more upcoming linkyness).

So, let’s get into it. Be warned: there are A LOT of pictures!

What I Wore, What I Did & Who I Met:


What I wore - 1 - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

This is the Anthropologie maxi dress that I was super obsessed about before the conference. So, of course there was no way I was leaving it at home. This comfy dress got me to the airport, through a 5 ½ hour plane ride, to the hotel and to the FIDM museum to check out their new exhibit (more in the upcoming Exploring LA post). I met up with a new friend, Meadoe (Out on a Limb…in Running Shoes) for a bit and then grabbed some dinner at a nearby Smashburger.

Wednesday – Day

What I wore - 2 - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

Yes, that is the Friends couch (could I BE any more awesome?!). I was told to wear comfortable shoes for the Warner Brother’s Tour, so I decided to go super casual for my visit. I had just picked this t-shirt up at Nordstrom Rack (it has 15% linen and wears so well) for $20. If you are looking for a ‘fancy’ t-shirt, I highly recommend this one by Melrose & Market.  I also wore my favorite Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans (very similar to this pair of Catherine jeans I found on Amazon) and some red Toms. I had an awesome time with Liz Hill (this is her pen name) who writes at Wonder Woman I’m Not and will have a ton of pictures from our time there – including our visit to STARS HOLLOW – as soon as I can.

Here’s one where I look really attractive to give you an idea what’s to come…

WB 1 - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

Wednesday – Night

What I wore - 3 - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

I stepped it up a notch for the opening keynote and expo on Wednesday night by throwing on a skirt. The top is just a regular old t-shirt from Loft like 5 years ago, tucked into a fun Anthropologie skirt from last year (or the year before). Both, of course, are long sold out. The shoes, however, are AWESOME (as told here) and currently on sale on Amazon.  Pictured with me is my friend, Meredith, who writes at Plenty Woman. We met in person for the first time at the conference and I’m keeping her as a friend because she is so full of awesome.

After the expo event ended, I met up with another online-to-real-life friend, Jenna, who writes at Outrageously Wonderful and we went and got some dinner because I was so hungry from just appetizers that I could have punched a puppy.


What I wore - 4 - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

I saved my favorite brand-spanking-new skirt for my longest conference day! I ordered a Trunk from Trunk Club right before my trip, and this fabulous sparkly skirt was in there (it’s the Eliza J Metallic Jacquard skirt) I topped it with a black Danial Rainn blouse I’ve had for a couple years and a flat pair of sandals. The day started at a special Staples event where we were treated to breakfast and got to take a look at their upcoming line for back to school.

Celebrity Sightings: Gabrielle Reece and Lori Laughlin

Blogher - Staples event - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

Blogher - Staples event 2 - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

From there, I went into a keynote with Sarah Michelle Geller, a couple learning sessions, had a book signed by Freddie Prinze Jr, a lunchtime special event with Lamps Plus, and the more learning sessions. I basically ran from one place to the next until about 3pm. That was when I met up with the other Voices of the Year honorees (did I mention I won a VOTY?) for a champagne toast with Aisha Tyler and a special reception.

VOTY award - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

After the event, I ran over to another special brand event with Go RVing, where I met Jennie Garth and finished out the night before retreating to my room for some quiet and room service!

Celebrity Sightings: Freddie Prinze Jr, Aisha Tyler, Jennie Garth

Freddie - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

Aisha - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

Jennie Garth BlogHer16 Go RVing


What I wore - 5 - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

For my last full conference day, I totally matched the backdrop with my favorite floral skirt and a black t-shirt. The skirt is from my first Trunk Club (which you can read all about here if you’d like) and it looks like it is currently sold out. The shoes are from another Trunk and they are some of the most comfortable sandals I’ve worn, if you are looking for a good pair, try the UGG Mayse Wedges (limited sizes, but on sale at Nordstrom).

Today was my last day of the learning seminars, so that is pretty much what I did all day long and took a ton of notes until my hand cramped up. There was a really inspiring closing keynote with Matt McGorry, so I was pretty thrilled to get a picture with him. Now, if he only would have pulled out some of Bennett’s dance moves…

Celebrity Sightings: Tiny the dog from the movie “Pup Star” and Matt McGorry

Tiny - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

Matt McGorry - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

And yes, I’m laughing at the picture of the dog celebrity. Matt should feel so proud to be in a section of ‘celebrities’ that includes a dog…

The day ended with a closing party at The Conga Room which was the kind of place that would be way too cool for me to go to normally. However, as always I danced my booty off until they kicked us out… Here is Meredith, me and Jenna on our way in:

Pocketful of Joules pic BlogHer16


What I wore - 6 - Pocketful of Joules BlogHer16

I had a day to explore before traveling back home, so I threw on a comfy ‘le weekend’ t-shirt and my leopard skirt and walked all over Los Angeles. Many more pictures coming as soon as I type up another post all about my exploring.

I met a bunch of super fun people at BlogHer this year and I have a feeling that my cheesy smile will be showing up in a lot of places over the next couple of weeks. To every fantastic blogger I met, I have a stack o’ business cards and I plan to start following up with everyone soon!

As always, I meant to keep this post short and it grew to a monster of over 1,000 words… but you guys should really expect this from me by now! Do you have any burning questions I haven’t answered? Which celebrity is your favorite?


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20 thoughts on “BlogHer16: The Highlights Reel”

  1. First of all, how could you NOT tell me you sat on the Friends couch?! I know we just met, but know this — I still watch reruns of that show (as in last night). Seriously, though, fabulous highlight reel. I had such fun with you and already can’t wait to see you next year!

  2. So fun! What an awesome experience! So many great celebrity sightings and pictures. Congrats again on being a VOTY…that is such an honor…and you deserve it. I love your blog. I laughed out loud when you said you could have punched a puppy from being so hungry.

  3. LOVE the flowered skirt and the leopard one! So cute! Also, ashamed as a native Angeleno that I have never done the WB tour. I need to get on that!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! The leopard skirt looks really good on you!
    To answer your question my favourite celebrity you met is Jennie Garth or Lori Laughlin.

  5. OMG! I love Sarah and Freddie!! I didn’t know he wrote a cook book. I would have fangirled. That looks like it was so much fun! I always feel like I’m not “real blogger” enough to go to any conferences. Do you have to be like a super successful blogger to benefit? I would have really enjoyed an excuse to go to LA. haha

    1. I did totally fangirl around Freddie…he’s SO CUTE! =) As for attending a blogging conference, people at all levels of blogging come. Some people don’t even have blogs yet! =)

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