Boot Straps = Awesome

Remember a few months ago when I tried to figure out the boots + jeans conundrum with a few different pairs of boots? One of the suggestions I had come across was to buy little straps that connect your jeans cuff and go under your foot and hold them tight.

Well, apparently these magical things are called Boot Straps… and they are awesome.

When I got my new Fryes, my old trick of just shoving my pants into the boots wasn’t really working. They’d look pretty great at first, but over a few hours the pants would slowly work their way up and my legs would look kind of baggy and rumpled. Not really the look I was going for. So, I clicked over to Amazon, which is honestly where I go for pretty much everything these days (yup, I’m an Amazon Prime ho) and these boot straps.

I figured I’d give them a try and worst case scenario was that they didn’t work and I could tell you all not to waste your money buying them. Instead, they became my secret weapon in NOT looking frumpy within a couple hours.

The first time I tried to use them… well, it didn’t go well. I snapped them on my pants, shoved my feet in my boots and the stupid things slipped right off my foot and joined my pants in their ‘let’s crawl up the leg and make Joules look frumpy’ plans. Assholes.

I kept fussing with them and getting all sweaty because frankly my feet are kind of far away and I’m not that bendy. I figured out a little trick to make them work though so I thought I’d share it with you all and save you the hassle.

Here’s what the boot straps look like; just a little strip of elastic with two flat clips:

boot straps 1

First, clip one side of the boot straps onto the FRONT of your cuff. Try to get it an inch or so in front of the seam that runs up your jeans.

boot straps 2

Then, attach the other clip about an inch or so in front of the other seam. It may feel a little odd at first, but will feel normal after a minute or two.

boot straps 3

By clipping the straps forward like that, the elastic stays nice and snugly in the arch of your foot when you put your boot on – instead of slipping right off your heal. Once your boot is on, you can wiggle your foot around and everything will snap into place perfectly.

boot straps 4

When I take my boots off, I just un-clip my boot straps and throw them inside each boot for safekeeping. That way I always know where they are. I feel like someone crafty could totally make these for hardly any cost, but honestly it was worth it to me to just buy them online. Since I can use them with all of my boots, I don’t really feel like more than one set is necessary.

Have you tried boot straps before? Did you also have the issue of them slipping right off your foot when you went to put your foot inside your boot?


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8 thoughts on “Boot Straps = Awesome”

  1. “I kept fussing with them and getting all sweaty because frankly my feet are kind of far away and I’m not that bendy.” You crack me up.

    This seems genius and I may invest in a pair, too. Also, your socks look so snuggly and comfy.

    1. LOL Holly. I do have one pair of ‘tight’ jeans, but they are the distressed kind with holes in them. And right now in Maryland it is WAY TOO cold to have air conditioned pants!

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