What I Bought at the TJMaxx Yellow Tag Clearance Sale

You know how people say that you don’t go into TJMaxx looking for something specific, because awesome stuff will just find you? Wait. That’s a saying, right? Whatever… it totally is now.

Anyways, I had some time to kill before a doctor’s appointment last week so I hit up the local TJMaxx. My goal was to see if they had any sweatpants for Jack in the next size. They didn’t. Of course. Because WHY would they have what I was looking for?

Instead… the TJMaxx gods gave me what I needed, but didn’t know I needed. Or really, my husband. Because he was the one that benefited from the trip.For a total of $11 I picked up a Polo shirt and a pajama set for my sweetie. I actually don’t care that the shirt is a snazzy brand. I’m just impressed that I got him a long underwear shirt for cheaper than if I had gone to Walmart. Or a thrift store.

So, of course I had to try my luck again. I zipped up to another TJMaxx at lunchtime on Friday and HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE did I find more deals!

Deal #1: Snow pants, $10

I grew out of my old pair of snowboarding pants like 10 years ago, but whenever it snows I still shove them over my love handles to keep my butt warm and dry while shoveling. They are way too tight though and I really, really need a replacement pair. Over the past 6+ months I’ve been keeping an eye out for a new pair while thrifting, but never found a pair in my size. These snow pants are PERFECT and only $10. I couldn’t have even gotten them at a thrift store for that price! SCORE!

Deal #2: Clark’s Gore-Tex Boots, $25

How did TJMaxx know that I needed some new waterproof winter boots?! I’m partial to Clark’s (I was part of their ambassador program a few years ago), so when I saw a pair of Clark’s Artisan boots in my size I had to check them out. They have warm furry insides and Gore-Tex, so they will keep me warm AND dry this winter. And next winter. And for like the next 10 winters because these guys are totally built to last. Similar styles go for around $160 on the Clark’s website, so I’m pretty darn happy with my $25 steal. If you run into some at your store, be sure to try them on. I’m typically an 8 or 8.5, but found the size 9 to be the most comfortable in this style.

Deal #3: Kid’s Nike Winter Coat, $20

Whenever I browse super good sales, I always keep an eye out for ‘next size’ stuff for Jack. This black puffer Nike coat still had original price tags on it for $95 and was marked all the way down to $20… so I picked it up with the intention of Jack wearing it next year. Unfortunately, I had Jack try it on when I got home and the jacket was weirdly short on him already, so back to the store it went. Bummer. I’m still sharing it with you though in case you see one of these coats at your store – go up at least 2 sizes!

Deal #4: Kate Spade Angelique Glitter Mary-Jane Pumps in blue, $39

I originally spied these navy glitter shoes in a teensy tiny size and thought they’d be a perfect “Something Blue” for my sister’s wedding. But they were TOO tiny for her and then I saw that they also had just one more pair… in a size 8. It was like Cinderella all up in the TJMaxx as I ripped off my shoes and socks to jam these puppies on my puppies! I’ve been drooling over these glitter Mary-Janes for YEARS but the price tag was way too high for an ‘occasion’ shoe. Look, here they are on the Kate Spade website for $350. INSANE. I was almost afraid to check the price on these and kind of freaked out when they were yellow tagged for $39. Do I need them? Nope. However, with both my brother engaged and one of my sister’s engaged… there are bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and a full-on cruise wedding on the horizon. I did a quick check on Poshmark to see if there was any chance to reselling them easily and similar pairs are going for $100 – $150. SOLD!

Did you hit up the TJMaxx yellow tag clearance sale? Share your scores!

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2 thoughts on “What I Bought at the TJMaxx Yellow Tag Clearance Sale”

  1. Yes! I went last weekend and scored a Vince Camuto hobo/cross body black leather purse yellow tagged for $80 (original tags $249). It’s the most perfectly functional purse I’ve had in a while. I love love love TJ Maxx! Makes me want to stop back today!

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