Sunday was one of those mornings where I fantasized about running off to be in a hotel room all by myself. Jack had been up since 6:30 – which is totally not typical – and by 10:00 I realized that we needed to LEAVE THE HOUSE or I would go insane.


We didn’t really have any errands to run, so I was trying to come up with an idea – ANY IDEA – that would tire him out. ANYTHING.

And then suddenly, I remembered that there is a trampoline park near our house that we’ve never tried out. If you’ve never been to one before, basically it’s a huge indoor area with wall-to-wall trampolines. For $20, Travis, me and Jack could go and bounce around like crazy people for a half hour.

I wish I had pictures, because you could not imagine a bigger smile on each of our faces. Travis was bouncing so high that I had to control myself from laughing too hard (mommy + trampoline + laughing = possible peeing moment…). Jack was happily jumping from one trampoline square to the next. And I perfected something I named “the frog” where I’d bounce as high as I could and pull my legs in as much as possible.

I’m sure it looked just as graceful as you’re imagining.

Whatever, I was having fun! And I had worn an exercise bra, so I didn’t even have the fear of knocking myself out with my tatas!

We bounced nonstop for 30 minutes.
It was SO FUN.

It was so awesome that I was already planning our next visit before we even left. I had off on Monday, so maybe we’d come back and bounce some more!

And then I woke up Monday morning and realized that I was sore in places I didn’t realize I’d worked. Apparently ‘The Frog” kicked my ass. And my back. And my shoulders.

So yeah, I didn’t bounce on Monday, but I am super excited to go back. I told my husband that I want to invite some of our friends to go with us and we can all bounce around like nuts and then get some wine. Because that sounds super fancy and grown up.

Have you gone to one of those indoor trampoline parks? Did you end up with soreness in weird areas afterwards?

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