Organizing my Kitchen with Joseph Joseph

I’m on a purging kick and it has found its way to kitchen. Even though we’ve only been in this house for about 4 years now, it’s like decades of stuff suddenly multiplied inside our kitchen cabinets.

Take this cabinet for example:

Glasses before

The top level has like 40 wine glasses. And they aren’t even nice wine glasses – most of them came free with a tasting at a wine festival or vineyard. Do you know how many adults live in my house? TWO. So WHY do I have so many wine glasses? I’m pretty sure that I don’t even have 40 friends…

I tore through the cabinet and here’s how it looks now.

glasses after

I feel like my cabinet can take a deep breath now (even though that is kind of a creepy thought). After cleaning out the unneeded stuff, I just kind of sat there and smiled at it for a minute. Then, I went into a purging frenzy. I took only about 15 minutes, but I literally went through all my cabinets and grabbed out anything that wasn’t actually used or needed.

I could have spent a lot longer and actually removed everything and cleaned down the insides of the cabinets… but who has that kind of time when a random MUST PURGE THE KITCHEN mood hits?

I’m pretty sure my kitchen purge was sparked when my Joseph Joseph order showed up at my door:

The nice people at Joseph Joseph sent me a couple of their most awesome products to try out for myself. Not only are they just all together pretty and well-designed, they really help keep the clutter under control!

Here’s a little ‘before’ shot of my storage container cabinet before I attacked it. It’s actually not too bad in this picture, but it has certainly been a lot worse.

storage cabinet before

I went through and got rid of anything gross looking, anything missing a top and any free promo items I received and never used. I then replaced some of the discarded items with my new Nest 12 Piece Storage set. Each storage container has a colored dot on the bottom that coincides with its lid to make them easy to pair. They also fit inside each other with each lid snapping into place!

Nest 12 storage

I can’t believe how streamlined they are to store away in such a small space. And I kind of love the pretty rainbow of color from the lids!

Joseph Joseph also sent me their Nest 9 Plus which carries over their space saving design with food preparation items. This set contains: a large mixing bowl, colander/strainer, stainless-steel mesh sieve, small mixing bowl with measurements, and 5 measuring cups.

Nest 9 Plus open

And the best part… look at this:

Nest 9 plus combined

Yup, they all fit together for easy-peasy storage!

Just take a look at my formerly messy drawer now:

storage cabinet after

Yeah, I’m pretty much in organizer heaven. I really like the design of my new Joseph Joseph products and I’m hoping that they can help me keep my kitchen nice and organized in 2016!

Do you have a drawer in your kitchen that looks like my ‘before’ picture? What is your best tip for purging unneeded items?


Disclosure: I received the Nest 12 Piece Storage Set and Nest 9 Plus from Joseph Joseph for the purposes of my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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One thought on “Organizing my Kitchen with Joseph Joseph”

  1. I also purge at random times. I will be trotting along just fine in life and then all of a sudden, a “MY HOUSE IS A DISASTER AND I NEED TO GET RID OF EVERYTHING AND LIVE IN A STORAGE CONTAINER” mood hits. Over the holidays, I organized all of our kitchen cabinets except the coffee mug cabinet, which I’ll be doing TODAY because of this post. Thanks… I think 😉 PS. I love your pull-out shelves in your storage cabinet. That is so genius.

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