Bust Issues: My Quick and Easy DIY Fix

Judging from the ongoing popularity of my How to Keep Your Wrap Dress from Being a Peep Show post from 2014, I’m not the only busty girl who has issues with clothing fitting properly.

Lately, I’ve been loving some midi dresses that have itty bitty little buttons at the bust. Which is great, except when they don’t know how to handle boobs and start gaping apart.

See how the fabric where the button’s are doing their job sort of pulls away from each side on this pretty dress? Well, if you’re smaller busted it won’t be an issue. But if you’re not… it ruins the line of the dress by stretching apart.

Easy fix: grab a needle and some matching thread! You just have to hold the dress together so that the seams are straight. I used an easy embroidery backstitch to sew it up. I did it completely by hand and while the stitching isn’t perfect, it does the job and the thread blends right in.

Here is the “after” of the dress. It now is sewn up completely, making the buttons just decorative. However, the dress easily slips on and off over your head, so now it is nice and smooth with no peekaboo issues.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

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One thought on “Bust Issues: My Quick and Easy DIY Fix”

  1. That’s great! These dresses should come this way, sewn closed. Just so much easier, you don’t have to look down to check to see how everything is doing there. Good idea of yours!

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