Celebrating Cyber Monday: Who Likes Free Wine?

When I was cleaning out the mess that is my old office, I came across THREE $50 gift cards for nakedwines.com. I don’t know if the special gift codes are still good… but I have PLENTY of wine so I figured I’d give them away for three of my lovely readers to try out!

All you have to do to enter to win is leave me a comment and tell me about your Thanksgiving! Was there a funny Thanksgiving ‘foul’ that makes you giggle? Are you STILL eating leftovers? If you’re not from the US, tell me how you spent your weekend… have you decorated for Christmas yet?

You have just over 24 hours to enter and I’ll pick a winner at noon on Tuesday, December 3rd. Good luck!

P.S. I have no reason to believe that the gift cards have expired (there is no expiration date and they’re not that old), so they should work. However, if they don’t work…I’m sorry and don’t hate me. I’ll try to figure out something else fun to give you.

12/3/13 Update: So I planned on just throwing everyone’s name in a hat to pick the three winners… but four of you really blew me away with your Thanksgiving horrors. I randomly picked three winners from those four of you who made me want to kidnap you and re-do a Thanksgiving with lots of margaritas, pedicures and repeated viewings of Love, Actually: Adrianne, KindleQueen and BeachMom… I hope that a little bit of wine makes it up to you. Teri, I wish I had a forth card…because I think you deserve one too. Heck, EVERYONE deserves one and I wish I had more to give!

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16 thoughts on “Celebrating Cyber Monday: Who Likes Free Wine?”

  1. Other than the fact that I was ready to run away from home and join the circus to get away from my inlaws, it was a perfectly fine Thanksgiving. Seriously. Hubby fell asleep almost immediately after dinner and I was left to clean up after 9 of his family members. By 10:00 I was ready to punch every single one of them in the face with a brick. The next day I politely informed him that this would be the LAST year I would be hosting Thanksgiving. 7 years of thankless cooking, cleaning, giving them a place to stay, making them breakfast without so much as a ‘thank you, that was a delicious meal, we appreciate all that you’ve done’ is more than enough for me. So as you can see, I NEED me some wine. Naked or clothed. 😉

  2. Oooooh! I love wine!!!!!!! Okay, so my nephew is 6 months old, right? My sister and my mom spent an inordinate amount of time blending the leftover sweet potatoes into baby food for him, since he’d had the gerber variety and was a fan. OMG, you should have SEEN the faces he made tasting the stuff! It was hilarious. Apparently, the Squish is not a fan of things without preservatives?

  3. My cousins fought about black Friday shopping…my grandma and uncle got into a fight and my uncle stormed out… and my daughter was sick 🙁 in reality, this thanksgiving was just a normal one for us! (Oh the dysfunction!)

  4. We had two really good Thanksgivings! The first one was with my husbands family and the second one was with my family! Everything was great at my husbands but half of my family was sick and we didn’t get to visit much! Now I am just praying that any of us get sick! I already have all of my Christmas decorations up and enjoying the Christmas movies and hot coco!!

  5. Had a great Thanksgiving. Went with some non-traditional food (Chicken Chili) and then went down to St. Marys County to spend time with both of our parents. Also went out on Thursday night and braved the crowds to get some great deals on housewares. The tree is up so the cats can get used to it so hopefully everything can be up by next weekend.

    I’m interested to try out naked wine, so hopefully this will be a winning entry!

  6. I did a bunch of cooking Thursday and the old family joke was brought out: a ditzy friend of the family threw her turkey in the garbage and had pizza delivered instead one Thanksgiving because she thought the turkey’s pop up timer was a tranquilizer dart left in the bird from when they killed it! So now we always ask if the dart popped out yet. 🙂

  7. Wound up crying in my bedroom for quite a while. Long story short–it will be Cracker Barrel next year. Cheap, delicious, no dishes. Gotta love family, though, right??

  8. We spent the actual day with family. The rest of the time was working from home, playing with my daughter, shopping, and going to the movies with friends. So, it was a good weekend!

  9. We’ll host Thanksgiving this year the in-laws said. It will be nice they said. No we don’t have room for your single friend who has no family in the area. Bring veggies. And bring dessert. And make appetizers. Can you bring your stuffing? Oh and can you buy the turkey? The turkey should be brined. The turkey should be delivered to our house fully prepped and at room temp on Thursday morning by 10:30am, it doesn’t matter that it’s an hour drive each way and you need to come back at 3:30pm with the rest of the food hot and ready to go. What do you mean you didn’t buy a roasting pan? We asked you to buy the turkey, you should have known. Yes, we overcooked the $50 turkey you just spent 36 hours prepping and rotating in the brine but it’s not our fault because the housekeepers have obviously been messing with the oven. The gravy didn’t turn out well, you should have remembered to bring the giblets with the turkey when you delivered it in the morning. Sorry, we sent all the leftovers home with the other guests and we can’t find the serving dish you brought that you got for a wedding gift but you can have the turkey carcass.

    And don’t forget, we’re having dinner here next Tuesday night for Dad/father in-law’s birthday. He asked for beef stroganoff but I’m going to by filet mignons instead because everyone will like that better. I am really horrible at cooking steak, make sure you bring your pans because I’m going to have you cook it.

    Seriously! It’s not even over yet! Next year we’re hosting and we’re inviting people who need a place to go. On holidays when dealing with family, it’s acceptable to start drinking when you wake up, right? Pass me the bottle of wine, I’m ready to join the circus with Teri and anyone else here to wants to join us. =0)

  10. Ooooh, how I love me some wine!!

    My Thanksgiving was spent with my extended family in MA. My cousins and I played beer pong, the guys watched football, I filled up on appetizers (as always), and it was absolutely wonderful. I hope yours was great, too!

  11. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family the weekend before so on actually Thanksgiving We spend the day with just my hubs and the girls (4 and 1). We made our own dinner and stayes in our pjs…it was wonderful!

  12. Wine!! WINE!!!! You really should have aimed much higher with your request, because there is A LOT that I am willing to do for free wine.

    I have a very non-traditional Thanksgiving, which I have grown to love despite still missing the old days when I spent the holiday with my family all cozied up in a little house in the woods in New England. We spend the day at my husband’s aunt’s Florida beach house, which involves a lot of sunning, swimming, surfing, seafood, champagne, and a late night dance party by the bonfire to work off all of the key lime pie that we ate.

  13. We spent our Thanksgiving with my in-laws this year. The food was delicious and I think everyone had a good time. It was a pretty traditional menu. I added the wine! The best part was something that happened after dinner. I saw a cute little fall-themed craft at Target a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. For some reason it was on clearance, so I couldn’t help myself. After dinner, my son (4) and his cousin (5) put together the ornament craft. They had the best time. Who says boys don’t craft?

  14. No horror stories here. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. There has been a baby explosion, and I finally got to meet most of them. Being six hours away from my family has been hard but it makes me appreciate them even more!

  15. Hhmmm, I feel like grade school. How did I spend my Thanksgiving vacation? We moved. Not just any move, but THE most un-organized, scatterbrained move ever.

    To begin with, I have to say that we are a blended family. I have 2 adult children(neither lives with us), one boyfriend in law and a grand-daughter (adorable!) and hubby has a 14 year old son (funny as all get out,) and a 12 year old daughter (a sweetie) that live with us every other week. Both are in volleyball club, so practice is twice a week and games on weekends. That is just the tip of the iceberg but getting the picture yet?

    Instead of hiring movers we decided to enlist the help of my 26 year old son, his buddy and my 14 year old step son. BIG mistake. If you have ever seen Restaurant Stakeout, you will know what I mean when I say the moved with “no sense of urgency”. my daughter and the boyfriend in law were worth there weight in cabernet. Boyfriend in law and hubby saved the day er weekend. On friday, daughter brought left over Thanksgiving dinner while hubby and boyfriend in law brought in the last of the big stuff.

    Sunday night as hubby and I were limping into bed after turning on a rerun of Cougar Town we realized…we could really (I mean REALLY) drink a glass of wine. So there we go, down to the garage, hunting for a wine opener (we have an assortment) finally hubby grabs a long screw and a pair of pliers and McGyver’s it. I just hope I’m not too late for the contest!

    Oh, did I mention that for Thanksgiving dinner hubby and I had Stouffer’s pot pies? :l

  16. Hi Joules,

    What a surprise! Thank you sooo much! I’m sure hubby will be happy. We do like our wine.

    BTW, I found you on Pinterest, I was looking for an easy fix for an ugly backsplash and I found your blog on Kitchen Change part 2. I loved it and seriously am thinking of trying it, after we finish unpacking, hubby is running out of clothes and the washing machine still hasn’t been hooked up yet. 😀

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