Celebrating Cyber Monday: Who Likes Free Wine?

When I was cleaning out the mess that is my old office, I came across THREE $50 gift cards for nakedwines.com. I don’t know if the special gift codes are still good… but I have PLENTY of wine so I figured I’d give them away for three of my lovely readers to try out!

All you have to do to enter to win is leave me a comment and tell me about your Thanksgiving! Was there a funny Thanksgiving ‘foul’ that makes you giggle? Are you STILL eating leftovers? If you’re not from the US, tell me how you spent your weekend… have you decorated for Christmas yet?

You have just over 24 hours to enter and I’ll pick a winner at noon on Tuesday, December 3rd. Good luck!

P.S. I have no reason to believe that the gift cards have expired (there is no expiration date and they’re not that old), so they should work. However, if they don’t work…I’m sorry and don’t hate me. I’ll try to figure out something else fun to give you.

12/3/13 Update: So I planned on just throwing everyone’s name in a hat to pick the three winners… but four of you really blew me away with your Thanksgiving horrors. I randomly picked three winners from those four of you who made me want to kidnap you and re-do a Thanksgiving with lots of margaritas, pedicures and repeated viewings of Love, Actually: Adrianne, KindleQueen and BeachMom… I hope that a little bit of wine makes it up to you. Teri, I wish I had a forth card…because I think you deserve one too. Heck, EVERYONE deserves one and I wish I had more to give!

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