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You guys know how I’m kind of a softy for subscription boxes, right? Well, I recently saw one from a company called Fair Ivy that I just had to try.

For $25 each month, you can receive one handmade jewelry gift. You can also upgrade to the “Duet” box for $35 each month and receive a variable item in addition to your jewelry item.

After checking out their Past Surprises link I decided to go with just the jewelry item and was looking forward to something handmade and original to add to my collection.

Only a week or so later, this cute little box showed up at my house.


Inside the box was this:


A little hammered metal charm on a delicate necklace by Grey Goose Gifts (you can check out their etsy shop here).

The necklace is quite pretty, however it is really very tiny. I probably wouldn’t wear it alone, but would layer it with one or two simple necklaces I already own.

It seems as if most of the necklaces sent as a Fair Ivy surprise are delicate and simple, like the one I received. I liked many of the ones on the Past Specials section a bit better though — they just seemed more… I don’t know… special? A lot of them had mixed metals with a homemade imperfect feel. Maybe I’ve just grown used to the clunky statement necklaces I’ve been wearing lately, but I’m not sure I would have wanted to pay $25 for the necklace I received (as it was, I received a special blogger discount to review the service).

I really like the concept behind Fair Ivy though and have signed up to receive one more box next month (and I’m paying full price).

What do you think? Do you love the simplicity of the necklace or would you have been disappointed with the surprise?

If this is something that you would like to try for yourself, you can use the code FAIRIVYFRIEND to get $5 off the first month of any of their subscriptions.

Disclosure: I received my first Fair Ivy box at-cost and paid less than the $25 subscription fee in order to review the service. However, I will be paying for the second month at the full price.

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7 thoughts on “Reviewing Fair Ivy”

  1. What a neat idea. There seems to be a box for almost everything these days. Do you get to put in preferences? For example, I do gold (not silver), and tend to be allergic to the fake stuff (I know I sound like a priss, but it’s true). I like the earrings from December 2013 on the Past Surprises box. What if you don’t like what you got? Lots of questions.

    1. For the Fair Ivy box, it is a true surprise in that you have no idea what you’ll get until it arrives.

      However, there are some other subscription boxes out there where you can choose your preferences like style of jewelry, metal, and what kinds of items you’d like (earrings, necklace, etc). For the Wantable Accessories box, you get to fill out a bunch of short surveys in what you like better and then if you end up disliking anything in the box you can actually return them.

  2. Honestly, I’d be mad if I’d paid $25 and gotten that necklace. I can barely see it! 😉 It’s pretty, but if I saw it in a store with a $25 price tag, I’d keep walking.
    I’ve done the Graze boxes and, while they’re neat, as a single Mom, I couldn’t justify $12/month for 8 rather small snacks. Though I did really enjoy what they sent. The one subscription box I do get is Loot Crate. It’s a gamer/nerd/geek box every month. And every month I’ve gotten at least two things (out of 4 or 5) that I loved and was able to give the other things to my son or my friends. And, while I am a control freak, I sort of enjoy being surprised by them. Probably because they’ve not disappointed in almost a year now. And no, I don’t work for them or get anything for saying this stuff. 🙂

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