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Are you singing a convoluted version of My Humps now?
Good, we’re all on the same page then!

Today was going to be the last Before/After Update with a look at our upstairs bedrooms. However, I realized that there have been pretty much NO changes to the rooms since my last two updates (here is the master bedroom and here is Jack’s room).

The only small update that has been made to Jack’s room is that I finally purchased the toddler duvet cover and sheets set that I’ve been wanting from Land of Nod.

Crib and stool

crib close up

Since Jack just turned two and probably won’t be in his crib too much longer, I hesitated on ordering the crib-sized bedding set. But then I realized that he’ll probably be in the toddler version of his bed (the front crib slats come off) for a year or more before transitioning to a full bed so I decided to pull the trigger. It certainly helped that Land of Nod had a 10% off discount for new customers who sign up for their emails AND were running a free shipping sale!

I’m in love with the thicker stripes on the duvet cover next to the thin stripes on the crib sheets! At this point, I didn’t bother putting the flat sheet on and will add that in once we make the transition… probably in a few months. I also really like the way that the stripes play off of the checkered pattern on the little stool next to his bed. You KNOW how much I love mixing patterns!

Since you’re not getting a full update, I thought I’d give you a look at the room that drives me crazy. It started out as our old office and the 10 year old desktop computer still lives there, even though I stole the desk it was on. Then, when we got our elliptical we figured that would be a good place to keep it. I added my toolbox for easy access. Then, I stored some of Jack’s outgrown toys before I donated them.

That is when Jack found the room and decided that the outgrown toys were THE  BEST TOYS IN THE WORLD and he wanted to play in there.

Now, I block off my elliptical with a couple of those big green bins and use it while Jack makes the biggest mess he can out of all the toys.

This is the ‘cleaned up’ version of the room…

This is the “office corner” which stores our old computer, a temporary folding table to hold it and all of the office stuff is shoved in those plastic containers. So classy, right?!

office corner

Next we have the “exercise/tools corner,” which is also joined by a bookcase of old textbooks, magazines and more tools.

exercise and tools corner

We can’t forget about the “toy corner” which not only has outgrown toys, but Jack’s old highchair and a filing cabinet that needs to move into my new office.

toy corner

Here is a close up of the wallpaper border. I hate it and I’m really dreading the removal process.


I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was thinking about converting a room into a playroom and this is the room I’m thinking of changing. However, it won’t be able to be ONLY a playroom… and will still have to function as a mini office AND exercise room too.

It should work though, with a few inexpensive tweaks.

Here are my initial thoughts:

Playroom mood board

In the office area, I’m going to switch out the folding table with this minimalistic desk and mini filing cabinet (to hold everything currently in bins). I probably won’t buy this exact chair, but scoop one up at a thrift store and paint it a bright green. For the playroom area, I’m in love with this tent! We already have a similar car rug and kiddie grill, so I can’t wait to set them up in the space. For toy corralling, I like this organizer from Target that is only $40. I have all the store and pricing information on my Pinterest page here if you are interested in checking anything out.

Once I remove the wallpaper border and fill all the wall holes left over from the last owners, I’ll probably paint the whole room a light shade of blue. Or green. Or greenish grey. I’m not quite sure yet, but will keep you posted!

Tell me, do you have rooms in your house that serve multiple functions? How do you keep the room from becoming a mess of EVERYTHING?

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  1. My little girls second room (mind you, the hubby and I only have one room), doubles as a multi-purpose room. Printer/Scanner/Copier, photos, toys, bed. How do I keep it clean….Every night before we go to bed, just for it to look like crap again in the morning when the little one wakes 🙂

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