Craft Review: Geodes Science Kit


The Michael’s Craft Store by us re-opened, so I was excited to take a little trip and pick up a bunch of arts and crafts stuff for us to play with! We got all sorts of fun stuff, but one of Jack’s favorites was the National Geographic Geodes Science Kit. The kit was $9.99 and came with goggles, 2 geodes and a display stand. It is this exact kit from Amazon. There is also a 4 geodes version for $19.99.

To say that Jack got $10 worth of fun out of this little kit is an understatement. He borrowed a hammer and chisel from dad’s garage, put on his safety goggles, and got to work.

It took quite a bit of tapping to get anything to happen, so I’m pretty sure Travis helped a bit. But then… BLAM, the geode broke open and there was treasure inside!

Jack was super excited about the sparkly crystals and it was a great hands-on way for him to do a science experiment in our driveway. Now that he has a bunch of sparkly geode pieces, he has decided to display one on the included stand and then start his brand-new rock collection.

All-in-all not a bad $10 afternoon craft! I would definitely get one of these kits again, and I even ordered one from Amazon for an upcoming birthday gift.

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2 thoughts on “Craft Review: Geodes Science Kit”

  1. My nephew, when he was about Jack’s age, started collecting geodes. He just loved them! He knew the names of all of the different geodes, it was actually fun for all of us.
    Michael, my nephew, is now an engineer, and I think part of that love for how things work, stems back from all of the craft kits, and art he liked. You are such a good mom, keeping Jack in craft kits!

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