A Crafty Superhero Party

As I mentioned last week, we had our very first kid birthday party for Jack over the weekend. We’ve gotten out of it for the last few years by going on a family weekend to Great Wolf Lodge, but now that Jack is in kindergarten he insisted on having a party.

Over the past few months, he’s been invited to his friend’s parties and we’ve done everything from going to a trampoline center to a place full of blow up houses. When it came time to plan Jack’s party… HOLY CRAP did I have some sticker shock. So, I did a little searching around and found a winner at Michael’s.

And before I go further, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just really enjoyed our experience at Michael’s and wanted to tell you all about it!

We have a brand new Michael’s that just opened up the road from us and they have their own craft party room available. They offer a “themed party” for $120 which covers a party for up to 8 guests and includes all the craft supplies needed, paper invitations and thank you notes, a party bag for the birthday boy, a team member to lead craft activities and use of their crafting classroom.

Of course, we wore our favorite superhero shirts…

I really liked that we could bring in our own food and paper goods without an upcharge. So, we ordered pizzas and cupcakes for everyone! And I mean EVERYONE. One of my pet peeves is when you go to a kid’s birthday party and there is only pizza for the kids – meanwhile the grownups are sadly drooling off in a corner. We got plenty of pizza for everyone to enjoy and also lots of extra cupcakes.

We went with a superhero theme and Michael’s provided the crafts: a superhero mask to conceal their true identities, as well as a cape, shield and belt!

Here are a few photos of the kid’s – masked so that their true identities are still secret:

Since it was a superhero party, I wanted to provide some superhero themed stuff for the goodie bags! We did a smaller version for Jack to take to school for his classmates, and then added in some extra candy to the version we gave out at the party.

Included in each: Superhero Sayings Bracelets, Superhero Stickers, Superhero Bubbles and Blue Treat Bags.

We had a great time at the party! Jack and the rest of the kids got all hyped up on cupcakes and basically ran around in their new superhero costumes. And the best part… I didn’t have to clean up the mess!


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4 thoughts on “A Crafty Superhero Party”

  1. So what’s the deal now? Goodie bags for everyone at school, but you don’t have to invite your whole class to the party? It’s so confusing. Also THANK YOU for this idea! I’m storing it in the “in a few years” file in my brain.

    1. It seems that most kids bring goody bags to school for the whole class on their birthday. However, at our school you are not allowed to send food or candy in case of allergies. You don’t have to invite your whole class to a party (Jack has 19 kids in his class). However, we do get a class list at the beginning of the year so that I could send e-vites to those friends who he is close to and wanted to invite. =)

  2. At our school a lot of parents like to bring in a treat but nothing is required, either for the year, as a gift, or for the party.
    One year we did a cookie + pencil. This year I brought girl scout cookies and strawberries.

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