Dab, Dab

Back when Travis and I were talking about having a baby, I always knew I wanted a boy. I mean, I would have been okay with a girl… but I really, really wanted a boy.

So, about four years ago when we were at our ultrasound appointment and the technician said that there was a little twig and berries in there, we were ecstatic! In fact, I was so excited that I asked like five times if the technician was SURE and then followed up by asking if it was possible for his jiggly bits to fall off and become girl parts.

I blame it on pregnancy brain.

Anyways, I have thoroughly loved having a little boy. But there are some things that are just so BOY about Jack.


Which brings us to what happened the other night.

Jack went in to use the bathroom before bedtime, as usual. He did his peepee’s by standing up at the big potty, also as usual.

But then, as I glanced in the room as I walked by, he did something that made me stop in my tracks. Instead of grabbing a little piece of toilet paper to do his dab dab’s like we taught him, he was actually just dabbing his penis on the toilet paper WHILE IT WAS STILL ON THE ROLL!

The worst part is that he did this like it was no big thing. Which makes me wonder how much of the roll is covered in little boy peepee. EW.

So yeah. Yay for boys.

And now I KNOW you have a boy story to share with me in the comments. So please do share the ridiculous thing that your kid did so we can all laugh together.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go grab a new roll of TP…

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5 thoughts on “Dab, Dab”

  1. I think one of my favorite (favorite? not sure this is the right word for this finding) boy moments was when we discovered the “booger wall” hidden behind all of B’s stuffed animals :/ It was near impossible to clean off. Swear you could build a house with that stuff lol! So gross but also pretty funny because I never imagined myself needing to elaborate on the fact that walls are not meant as a place to collect or display boogers. At least it was in his own space?

  2. When my son was 4 he liked to pee in the bathtub instead of the toilet. Once there was a bottle of shampoo sitting in a different spot and he peed on it and the pee came back and got in in his mouth.

  3. I learned the hard way to keep a washcloth over the boy bits during every single diaper change. The one time I forget is the time I get peed on. Of course, my son is also a notorious diaper change projectile pooper. I don’t think that has anything at all to do with his being a boy, but damn. He’s lucky I’m so ridiculously in love with him, because I’ve cleaned up a lot of poop off of places where poop should never be.

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