Den: Before & After (Again)

Remember back in August when I shared my Sunroom: Before & After post? Yeah, I messed it all up.

Here’s the thing: I LOVE my sunroom. After I redecorated with the hanging chair and fluffy white couch, I would spend every weekday evening out there with a book and every weekend morning hanging in the chair with a coffee cup in my hand (and Ollie on my lap).

And then one morning I went out into the sunroom for my Saturday morning laze-a-bout… and it was too cold.

I knew that it was going to happen soon, but I wasn’t quite ready to give up my comfy couch sitting! So I did what any sane person would do, I dragged my sunroom couch into my den.

Before my abrupt redecorating, the den looked like this:

Actually I wrote a whole blog post about it in February, because that was the last time I redecorated that room (you can find it here).

So yeah, I was totally happy with my den AND my sunroom. Until suddenly I wanted that damn couch inside. I moved the massage chair out into the sunroom (for now), the large leather recliner into the corner with the lights and my honey helped me drag the couch where the chairs previously lived.

And I love it! Which is a problem… because now what do I do about my dang sunroom?! It seems silly to buy a duplicate couch for the sunroom in the spring, but now that I love the new den set-up I don’t want to take it back apart. Of course, maybe I should just wait until the spring and see how I feel…

Have you ever redecorated a room with literally no thought or planning? Is it super weird to own two identical couches that live in separate rooms about 15 feet away from each other?

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One thought on “Den: Before & After (Again)”

  1. I think, whatever makes you happy. That couch looks really nice there. Why don’t you get the same couch or loveseat, in another color for the sunroom? Getting the same color would be fine, though. It would coordinate well.Just have different pillows on the sunroom couch.That would make it a little different.It looks really comfy!

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