Taylor Swift’s Tiny Desk Concert

For some reason, I always forget about the Tiny Desk Concerts. But when I come across one, I typically love it… and want to watch a dozen more. So, in case you missed it, Taylor Swift recently sat down and did a Tiny Desk Concert for her Lover album and it was so wonderful.

Alternating between playing her guitar and her piano, Taylor plays four songs: The Man, Lover, Death by a Thousand Cuts, and All Too Well. The amount of talent in this woman is insane and watching an unplugged performance like this makes it even more clear.

If you only watch one song, watch Lover. It’s one of my absolute favorite songs right now and the acoustic version gives me chills. It starts at 9:00:


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3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s Tiny Desk Concert”

  1. Agree!! I have watched this several times and I’m hoping she extends her tour beyond the festivals or whatever they are on each coast…I’m right in the middle! LOL Would love to see her do smaller performances for this album after that huge stadium tour!

    1. I heard that the reason she isn’t doing a full tour is because her mom isn’t doing well health-wise. She wants to be able to pick up and go to her when needed, rather than be committed to a bunch of tour dates.

  2. Hi Joules,
    Thanks for sharing this. I’d never heard of Tiny Desk Concerts, but I listened to Taylor Swift’s and now I will be listening to more!

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