DIY Style Fun: Adding Kantha Fabric to a Denim Jacket

I’d previously mentioned that I was on a bit of a denim jacket kick. I love to wear them as a more casual topper with work dresses and skirts, and also as the normal lightweight jacket option for commuting. When I was working on a previous embroidered jacket project (you can find it here), I came across a photo of a denim jacket with scraps of fabric integrated into it’s design… and that image lived in my head for awhile.

One day while out-and-about thrifting, I found a super soft denim jacket with a fun interior fabric for just $15.

It reminded me of my inspiration image, so I scooped it up and continued thinking about what I wanted to do to personalize it. Well, I had purchased a Kantha quilt in May 2021 and suddenly had the thought of how great Katha fabric would look on the back of the jacket!

There was no way I was cutting apart my beautiful quilt, so I started checking Poshmark for Kantha fabric options. I ended up finding a couple Kantha vintage scarves and bought them for about $30 total.

Each scarf had different fabrics involved in the design, so I played with them for awhile to determine the perfect combo for my jacket.

Once I decided on a final design, I pinned the fabric strips to the jacket and used the sewing machine to sew each strip down around the boarder. Then, I went in by hand with white thread and followed along with the existing Kantha stitching to better secure the fabric.

Last, I picked a couple elements to trace the stitching with embroidery thread – the flower and a small heart.

Here’s the finished project:

I’m so happy with how it all turned out and it’s a super fun addition to my denim jacket collection!

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One thought on “DIY Style Fun: Adding Kantha Fabric to a Denim Jacket”

  1. That is beautiful! What nice scarves you found. I can see the outline around the flower, so pretty. What a good idea. The whole thing is a great idea, maybe you should sell some. Start your own company online.
    Maybe that would take the fun out of it, though. Have fun wearing it!

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