My Peloton: 15 Month Check-In

I actually wasn’t planning to do another Peloton update, but then they launched a new feature and I’m LOVING IT so I had to share!

If you want to catch up with any of my previous My Peloton posts, you can find them all here:

But let’s get right to the fun stuff.

My Current Peloton Stats

I’ve kept a daily Peloton streak going since I first started using the app in December 2020. Every single day, I do something on the Peloton – ride the bike, do a strength workout, mediate, yoga, whatever. I find that keeping up a daily streak helps me take some time to myself on a busy day. Even if it’s a 5 minute mediation… it’s 5 minutes that I gave myself.

My Current Favorite Instructors

I still love Bradley Rose and Cody Rigsby, but I’m now a huge Tunde Oyeneyin fan. I love her energy and I’ve started regularly adding her 10 minute arms workouts to my regular schedule. She posts a new one each month and recommends you do it 3x a week. I also love her House Music rides and when I want to work really hard, I choose Tunde.

My Favorite Update: the Peloton x iWatch Connection

In the past, when I’d start a ride on my Peloton I’d open the fitness button on my iWatch and choose Indoor Cycle so it would track my ride. In order to see my heart rate, I’d have to keep looking over at my wrist, which was kind of annoying. I wasn’t quite annoyed enough to go out and buy a separate heart rate monitor though. But then last week, Peloton launched an update and now the iWatch will connect to the Peloton!

All you have to do is open the Peloton app on your iWatch, then start a workout on your Peloton and within a few seconds your heartrate appears on the bike screen! This allows me to easily keep an eye on my heartrate and see what zone it’s in, so I know if I need to work harder. I LOVE this update and I’m so happy it’s finally rolled out for the Peloton Bike (not just the Bike +). If you have a Peloton and iWatch and need better instruction on how to make them talk to each other, there is step-by-step information here on the Peloton blog.

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One thought on “My Peloton: 15 Month Check-In”

  1. I have been using the app version for about a year and just took the dive….my sister has been stalking me…lol.
    Hope to ‘see’you in a class soon.
    Bike gets delivered April 2nd.


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