My Peloton: 2 Month Check-In

Now that I’ve been using the Peloton app for 2 months, it’s time to do another check-in!

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So, let’s get into the 2-month update…

Do I still like the equipment I bought?

YES. I am still very happy with the bike, mat and cadence sensor. However, over the last month, I did buy two more things that add to my Peloton experience:

Yoga Blocks– purchased at TJMaxx for $6.99

I’ve been taking a variety of classes on the Peloton app and whenever a yoga class would instruct me to use yoga blocks, I’d just work around it because I didn’t have any. I picked up a set of 2 blocks on a trip to TJMaxx for $6.99 and they have been a total gamechanger for me. I’m able to follow along with the classes better and they really help me with my positions as I’m going through my yoga workout. For such a small amount of money, they really have made a big difference.

As you can see in the photo, I have a few different options when it comes to weights — 3 pounds, 5 pounds, and 8 pounds. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE to buy 10 pound weights and possibly 12 pound weights and apparently everyone is getting fit and all the stores are out of stock. I finally found a pair of 10’s at Dicks Sporting Goods over the weekend, so I’ll be adding them into my strength workouts.

Kindle Fire HD 10 Tablet purchased from Amazon for $94.99

I’ve had my Kindle Fire for years and love it so much for reading and Netflix watching. However, it was an older series that did not support the Peloton app (or Hulu, which was super annoying). Out of curiosity one day I decided to check out the new tablets and found that the Kindle Fire HD 10 was on sale from $150 to $94.99.

I decided to go for it and I love my new tablet! The screen is bigger, which is great for Netflix watching AND reading. It supports the Peloton app AND fits perfectly on my bike, so instead of using my phone screen I now have a much larger screen to watch. The only drawback is that while my iphone talks to my iwatch to pull in my heartrate and show it on the screen during a Peloton workout, the Kindle app does not do this. 

Do I still like the Peloton app?

YES. I purchased the individual Peloton Digital Membership app for $12.99/month and it is worth every penny. While I assumed I’d only be using the app for cycling, I’ve also taken a bunch of classes on stretching, strength, yoga, meditation, cardio dancing, and bike bootcamps. Even without the bike, the app keeps me motivated to do SOMETHING every single day.

Who are my current favorite instructors?

Adrian Williams: I’m still loving Adrian and search him out when I’m looking for a good stretch or strength workout. I love that I can do a 10- or 15-minute weightlifting strength workout with him and he moves the WHOLE time without wasting even a minute. Also, he’s hilarious and I find myself laughing out loud at least once per workout.

Cody Rigsby: I’ve crossed over from thinking Cody is fun to being a FULL-ON Cody fan. If there is any instructor who is going to motivate me to do a 30-minute Boot Camp with a mix of cycling and weights… it’s Cody. And he will even have me smiling, laughing and dancing through it. He’s total magic!

Am I still keeping motivated?

YES. As I mentioned in my 1 month check-in, I’ve given myself the goal of doing something on the Peloton app each day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full boot camp, a cycling class + a strength class, or just a 5-minute meditation. Every single day, I take a little bit of time just to myself and it’s been wonderful. I also do a Sister’s Ride each weekend (sometimes both days) and I may catch up with a sister or 2, or 3 on a random weeknight depending on our schedules/energy level.

As of today, my streak is 73 days long!

Overall Thoughts

I’m still loving the Peloton and I’ve gotten into the groove of working exercise into my life on a daily basis. While I’m sure that having the actual Peloton bike is very nice, for the price I paid I am very happy with my ‘faux’ Peloton and the app.

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