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As Miley sings, I just CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP with the AR surprise boxes. My addiction kicked off with the Harvest Box, which was full of some pretty fantastic fall-themed goodies. Then, I HAD to get the Jingle Box, because obviously I want a box of fun holiday-themed surprises! So, when they came out with the Cupid Box for Valentine’s Day, I figured I might as well get myself a gift…

If you want to see the reveals of the previous boxes, here you go:

Hints they gave about the Cupid Box:

Our limited release Cupid Boxes are a mix of handmade items, fun retail & local goods. Here are some hints: we have included items that are sweet, lovely, and sparkly. The box is perfect for you or someone you know that loves surprises! The Cupid Box is valued at over $150, but costs $89.

Let’s check it out!

DIY Pillow Cover with Hearts Design

The AR Workshop always includes a DIY project in each box and this one was perfect for us! Jack and I followed the instructions, busted out the provided paints, mixed our colors and made our own pillow cover. It turned out super cute! Right now it’s stuffed with scarves from our coat closet, but next time we are out and about I’ll be grabbing a pillow form to fill it.

12” Round Lazy Susan with Love Design, Bling Jewelry Dish and XO Earring Posts

The AR Workshop also tends to include a handmade item from the workshop and this Lazy Susan is super cute. I love the “LOVE” design and it fits perfectly on my side table where I like to read to hold my Chapstick, hand lotion, a drink and snacks. Since it has a Lazy Susan base, it spins… so that’s super helpful.

The jewelry dish is pretty and I can easily find a place for it to hang out in our house. The XO earrings are so classic and dainty and I can actually see me bothering to change out my earrings to wear these. All three items are totally not something I would have bought/made myself, but they are the perfect kind of surprise gift that I love to receive!

Champagne Cup Tumbler, Mini Bottle of Champagne and Sugar Cookie

First off, the cookie was eaten pretty much immediately and it was yummy. The champagne is still chilling in my fridge, but I’ll have to crack it open next time I’m feeling like a break. As for the pretty cup… Jack has already laid claim to it. Which is kind of hilarious, since it says “sipping bubbly, feeling lovely”!!!

Detox Bath Salts

I typically take showers, but Jack takes the occasional bath and inherits all my good bath stuff. He will probably use these bath salts too. But at least I can enjoy them secondhand… since he likes me to hang out in the bathroom and talk to him while he has his bath.

Once again, another winning surprise box from the AR Workshop!

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