Things I Like About Barely Ever Leaving My House

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You guys. This ongoing pandemic. SO MANY MOODS, amiright?! One week will be totally great and fine. But then the next week, ooooh doggie, my shoulders live around my ears and I have a stress headache for 3 days straight. One day I’ll have an absolute angel for a kid, and then the next I’m considering selling him for spare change.

Just kidding. Mostly.

Last week was a really, really hard one. In the midst of that terrible week, I started writing myself a list of things I like about barely ever leaving my house. It was my way of trying to force myself to look on the positive side of things before I start throwing breakable stuff at walls. Which I totally wouldn’t actually do because I’d just have to clean them up again and I’m already ignoring that I have two bathrooms that really need to be scrubbed.

Here’s my list of things I like about barely leaving my house:

When there is a snow and ice storm outside and I don’t have to drive in it.

When Jack’s school closes (due to above snow and ice storm, or just a random school closed day) and I don’t have to figure out what to do with him while I’m at the office.

When my husband needs to drop off my car to have new tires put on and asks “when do you need to use your car again?” and I reply… um, never?

When I have the motivation to exercise at the end of the day, because what else am I going to do after work?

There you go. Some ‘bright side’ thinking. And it helps, until the next mood swings in and takes out everyone in its path.

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One thought on “Things I Like About Barely Ever Leaving My House”

  1. I was sad the other night, and didn’t know why, and my husband told me it was just the pandemic blues. Which made me feel better. I miss all of the places we used to go. The fun we had. I guess we just have to be grateful for the little things. Still, it’s hard.
    I’m right there with you! Hang in there.

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