My Peloton: 3 Month Check-In

I was actually going to skip my 3-month check-in, but I’ve gotten a few DM’s asking questions and wanted to go ahead and take this opportunity to answer them.

Previous posts:

I have previously posted about the equipment I’ve purchased and my thoughts on the Peloton app. My opinions have not changed and I’m still happy with everything so far.

Would I switch to a Peloton Bike?

One question I’ve received is whether I would switch an actual Peloton bike if I had the opportunity. And the answer to that is… I don’t know. My sister and my BFF both have an actual Peloton bike and I absolutely want to give it a try so that I can better see the difference between the official bike and my less expensive option. If I am super blown away, I’ll let you all know!

However, once life starts returning to ‘normal’ with me going back into the office, I anticipate using the bike a little less so I’m sure mine will still be perfectly fine.

How Much Weight Have I Lost?

This question is probably my fault because I posted on my Instagram stories that I was finally starting to lose a small amount of weight and it was helping to motivate me.

After I posted that, I got a few DMs asking how much weight I’ve lost. So, here’s the tea. NOT that much.

My main reason for hopping on the cycling trend was to help motivate myself to stay active. Also, I was getting lonely at home and wanted to enjoy some fun classes with peppy instructors. Working out with my sisters on the weekends (by way of the Peloton app + Zoom or Facetime) has been a total bonus.

Yes, I also wanted to lose a bit of weight. However, I’m trying very hard to focus more on the ‘let’s move’ part of things and less the ‘let’s lose weight’ part. It’s much healthier for my brain that way. Otherwise, I start obsessing about workouts and calories and it’s not a lot of fun inside my head.

While I am much more active, I’m not drastically changing my diet so I’m not expecting any crazy before/after changes. I’m trying to do the slow and steady thing, so that any weight changes I see stick around for good.

I did take my measurements at the end of January (about a month and a half after I started using the Peloton app) and plan to check measurements every month or two to see if there are any small changes happening.

So, for those curious, in the past 2ish months here are my measurement changes:

  • Bust: – 1/2 inch
  • Belly: – 1 inch
  • Butt: – 1/2 inch
  • Thighs: – 1/2 inch each

As for weight, I weigh about 4-5 pounds less than I did in mid-December when I started using the Peloton app. Considering that even getting the scale to move with a pound has been very difficult for me, I’m very happy with the results I’m seeing so far.

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One thought on “My Peloton: 3 Month Check-In”

  1. Thanks for sharing! As long as you feel good, and are having fun, that is what matters the most. The Weight Watchers goal is always losing it slowly, and eating better. It just is less stressful, too.

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