March 2022 Thrift Haul

I had one opportunity to stop by my favorite thrift store this month and mostly struck out. Well, actually I struck out for myself… but did well for other people!

The one thing I found for me:

J.Crew beaded necklace, $5.99

This photo makes me laugh so hard. Ollie was laying on the bed when I was putting stuff away, so I decided that he could ‘model’ my new necklace. He was not thrilled. I really liked the color scheme of the beads on this necklace with the bright orange cord. It just looks so very ‘SPRING’ to me and I decided that even though I rarely wear necklaces, I needed this one. For $6, it wasn’t much of a gamble. And it looks beautiful on Ollie.

Things I found for everyone else:

 K’Nex Ferris Wheel with Motor, $4.99 and K’Nex 60 Model Set, $10.99

I bought Jack some K’Nex for Christmas and he loves them, so when I saw this unopened Ferris Wheel for $4.99, I knew he would want me to buy it. These sets go for about $25 – 30, so it was quite the deal. Jack was so excited that he put it together as soon as he woke up on Saturday morning. I also scooped up a larger set of random K’Nex pieces for $10.99 that was opened but had a ton of pieces in the box. He played with them all weekend long and asked that I keep my eyes out for any more K’Nex next time I go thrifting!

Color Sort Rainbow, $2.99

I found this new-in-box baby learning toy and couldn’t resist picking it up for one of my nephews. The box is a little banged up, but the toy is still perfect and unused. It’s a Montessori-style toy that helps kids with color sorting, stacking and creativity. They’re selling for $16.99 on Amazon, so buying one for $3 was a no-brainer.

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One thought on “March 2022 Thrift Haul”

  1. Wow, those are great things! I hesitate to call them toys, as they seem more valuable than that. Very creative! I have never thought to look in a thrift store for toys. Books, yes.
    Your cute doggie was a very good model! I put jewelry on the dogs I watch, and get some really fun pictures from them. Really cute, and most of them are excellent, treat motivated, as one of the pet parents put it! Try that with Ollie. He will love modeling, if getting a treat is involved.
    Once again, thanks for sharing.

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