Do You Think You’ll Make Permanent Life Changes after COVID-19?

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I read a bunch of articles all the livelong day, including many on LinkedIn and CNN that are saying that after we make it through this pandemic, life will never go back to what we previously considered normal. One example is that now that many businesses have been forced to switch to a teleworking model, employees will want to continue teleworking for a better work-life balance. Other surveys show that many people plan to reduce their spending over the next six months, to build up their savings accounts in an uncertain economy.

Obviously, everyone who is on a Stay at Home order or self-quarantine has made a bunch of sudden changes to their lives. Some of us have used a grocery pick-up service for the first time, when we would typically just take a trip to the grocery store. Others may have purchased some clippers and went to town learning how to cut their husband or son’s hair. Or maybe you’re just cooking at home more often and you realize that you’re pretty darn good at it.

So, I’m curious: is there something that you’ve adapted to in quarantine that you’ll stick with?

Here’s some changes I made that I think might stick:

  • I feel like I did a good job cutting hair — I did Jack’s a few weeks ago and Travis’ over the weekend. Now that I know I can do it, I’m planning on doing our own in-between appointment touch-ups on my own. I already groom Ollie, so why not groom the whole family!
  • After years of having my colorist dye my roots and never being totally happy with the color until I use Overtone a few times, I resorted to a $6 box dye… and it worked out great. I may save myself quite a bit of time and money and go back to doing my own hair color touch-ups.
  • We’ve been getting Home Chef orders every week that we’ve been at home. It has saved me so much brain power in deciding what I’m going to cook and I actually enjoy making new recipes each weeknight. I’m thinking that I might keep our orders on a ‘more often’ schedule one we can go out again. Maybe not every single week, but possibly every other week!
  • I like a mix of teleworking and in-office working and I hope to be able to continue that with my work schedule. However, I’m not sure exactly when I’ll feel comfortable going on the metro again. There are just so many germs on public transportation — so even though it is less convenient and more expensive, I’ll be driving into work once I need to return.

How about you? Is there something you’d adapted to that you’ll continue to do once the world is “normal” again?

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4 thoughts on “Do You Think You’ll Make Permanent Life Changes after COVID-19?”

  1. I have started cleaning the house in a more organized way, where I do part one week, and the other part, the following week. It is better than trying to get it all done at once, and not getting it done.
    I have been cooking a little more, and using up what we have in the freezer, instead of getting something else. I started this when it was hard to get exact products, so I just used what I had. I also made a very yummy cake! For my birthday, instead of going out, we enjoyed thai food, and a cake my husband got for me. We were home, so I didn’t miss birthday calls from friends and relatives. This birthday was a lot sweeter, because of these things.
    Like you, I have changed my hair colring. I signed up for a hair coloring service, where they custom make your color, and mail it to you. I am saving $80! I also learned on you tube how to cut my bangs. I had been doing it all wrong!
    Lastly, I am saving more money, and have gotten into the habit of banking by drive thru every few weeks. I take the dogs,with me, and get a few treats for them, from the nice teller. Afterward, we go for a ride, and feel revived after we get home.
    These are the things I will be adding after things get back to our new normal.

    1. Nancy – I think those are some great tips! I’ve actually started stocking up more when I go to the grocery store and Target, so it’s nice to not have to go as often. I’m thinking I’ll stick with that too!

  2. We have been making a concerted effort to shop small during the pandemic. I have been supporting small locally owned shops, a grocery store, restaurants and a family owned dairy about 25 minutes from my house. It’s really brought a lot of attention to supporting the people in our communities that live and work around us. I’ve also had to worry less about exposure, because these businesses have provided such stellar service bringing stuff to the car or offering a drive up option.

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