Dressing Room Snaps: Anthropologie

After not entering an Anthropologie store for over a year, I was excited to run around and fondle all the fabrics in person! With that being said, I didn’t really find many items that I was wild about. Which is totally typical of Anthropologie… sometimes I love everything and often I don’t.

Let’s check out some dressing room snaps from my visit!

SIKA A-Line Midi Skirt: Find it here, Size worn: 12, Price $198

First up, this zebra skirt. The fabric is super substantial with a fitted waist and swingy style. It feels super expensive, which it is at almost $200! However, it fits small. Like maybe a full size small… maybe two. I typically wear a 10/12 and the 12 was too tight on my waist. OH MY GOSH, I just clicked over to the website and there is a kid version of this skirt too, so you can totally do Mommy and Me Zebra skirts! {swoon} Anyways, this one did not come home with me.

T.La Scoop-Neck Layering Tank: Find it Here, Size worn: XL, Price $48

Incredibly soft cotton/model fabric on this tank top. Basically, you touch it and want to wear it all day and every day. I tend to like my tank tops to be a bit oversized, so I tried both the large and the XL in this. However, this is super fitted. I’m wearing the XL in this photo and the only area that is too roomy is the bust under the arms. I feel like you can find a better basics tank elsewhere for a better price. I passed on this one as well.

Anthropologie Tiered Abstract Maxi Dress: Find it Here, Size worn: Large, Price $180

I’m a super dress person – I wear dresses for work and dresses for home. I just feel much more ME when I’m wearing a dress, even if it is a casual one. I especially love a *special* dress. You know, the kind that you put on and you want to twirl around like a princess? THIS is that kind of dress for me.

Reasons why it’s perfect:

  • It has a sleeveless style without strappy straps, so you don’t have to hunt down a strapless bra and can wear a normal bra with it.
  • The fabric is super soft and lightweight with a tiered bottom (and built in slip), so it swishes around when you walk.
  • There are POCKETS. Full-sized pockets that fit a phone or a small change purse.
  • It will look fantastic with so many different toppers! Imagine it with a jean jacket, or a button up shirt knotted over top, or a cute cardigan? So, so cute!

I initially tried this in a large and then I tried it in a medium, just to make sure I got the right size. It’s quite voluminous in the waist/hips, so if you are smaller busted you can probably size down. For me, the medium was just a teensy too fitted in the bust and I preferred the larger size. There are also petite lengths, but I’m 5’7” and the standard length fits perfectly at my ankles without dragging on the ground.

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