Rothy’s: The Stardust Release

It’s been a while since a Rothy’s release has excited me. However, when I saw the teasers for the new Stardust Rothy’s, I immediately set a reminder on my phone calendar because I didn’t want to miss out!

If you need more of a background on Rothy’s, my sizing suggestions, or the best insoles to wear with them, you can find my previous posts here:

The Stardust release included the sneakers (slip on, not lace up), the flats, and the points. I ordered both the points and the sneakers.

The Stardust Point (find them here), $145

I am a HUGE points fan and I wear them pretty much any day I go into the office for work. I like the way they look with skirts and dresses, and they also do a great job at dressing up a pair of pants. I’ve talked a lot about Rothy’s sizing before, so here’s the short version (the long version is in the first post above). I’m typically a 8.5 or 9 in non-Rothys, in Rothy’s points over the last year or so of releases the 9.5 has fit best. Rothy’s is notorious for wonky sizing, so for points most people typically size up by at least one size.

For the Stardust points, the fabric is very, very soft. Maybe the softest of all the Rothy’s I own. I ordered the 9.5 and the fit is consistent with my other pairs. The sparkle is really hard to capture, but you can get a good idea of it in this video:

The Stardust Sneaker (find them here), $125

For casual outfits, I reach for my Rothy’s slip on sneakers year-round. I have a couple of the patterned pairs (the leopard print and the Shibori, which is like a tie dye), so when I saw this ‘basic’ pair with a kick I immediately knew it would find a place in my wardrobe. The heathered color of the Stardust is super flattering on my pale legs and the sparkle is pretty fabulous (if you click through the Instagram link, I have a video of the sneakers on there too).

For Rothy’s slip on sneakers, I typically go with an 8.5. However, I had heard that the Shibori were fitting tight so I sized up to a 9 for that particular pair. I ordered an 8.5 in the Stardust sneakers and the fit is consistent with my other 8.5’s. The fabric is extra soft, so these feel really good on bare feet. I plan to wear them with pretty much everything casual – shorts, jeans, skirts… everything!

P.S. If you are interested in checking out how I style my Rothy’s, you can find me on Instagram here: PocketfulofJoules on Instagram!

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One thought on “Rothy’s: The Stardust Release”

  1. I have pale legs, too. I wonder why that color looks good on pale legs? I need sneakers I can walk the dogs in, in the backyard, and on trails. These may be too good for that! The slip on sneakers I could see for going out to a casual dinner, or somewhere fun. I love the sparkle. The points look fantastic, and remind me of something my mother had, probably in a black leather? Or white whatever they called faux leather then. They were attractive then, and even better now in this Rothy’s version. I love that spark!e. Thanks for sharing, once again.

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