The Best Insoles to Wear with Your Rothy’s for a Perfect Fit

I first wrote about my thoughts on Rothy’s back in March (Let’s Talk About Rothy’s: Are they Worth the Money) and it is still one of my most popular posts. I get a lot of questions on my Rothy’s, so I thought I’d devote a post specifically to answer how I make sure each pair fits perfectly.

One of the top complaints I hear on the Rothy’s fan Facebook pages is that people are frustrated with the inconsistency in sizing. I ordered my typical shoe size of 8.5 for my first pair and they fit great… but then when I ordered additional pairs I found that for some I needed to size up to a 9. So let’s first talk about sizing.

Rothy’s Sizing Rule of Thumb*:

The Flat: Order your typical shoe size for dress shoes. For me, that is an 8.5.
The Point: Order a full size up from your typical shoe size. For me that is a 9.5.
The Loafer: Order a half-size up from your typical shoe size. For me that is a 9.
The Sneaker: Order your typical shoe size. For me that is an 8.5

MOST of the time this works, but occasionally a particular color will fit smaller or larger than normal.

My Tricks for Getting the Perfect Fit

If your Rothy’s are a just a little too tight, it might be better to switch out the insoles rather than exchange for the next size. It seems like everyone has their own favorite insoles and I’ve tried a bunch of them – leather, fabric, different ones from Rothy’s, fleece… I’ve tried them all.

If your Rothy’s are a smidge too tight:

Take out the Rothy’s insole and replace it with this one that is only about $12 for a set of two pairs . You can trim the insole to your exact size (I use the Rothy’s insole as my guide) and it is just thin enough that it gives your toes a little extra room. This exact insole solves about 95% of my fit issues.

If your Rothy’s are STILL a smidge too tight with the thinner insole:

Take out the insole altogether. Use a little piece of moleskin (I like this kind) and stick it right into the bottom of the Rothy’s where there is a little bump from the manufacturing process. This will keep the bump from irritating your foot while you walk. I have found the shoes just as comfy with no insoles at all (and other ladies on the Rothy’s Facebook pages do this too!).

If your Rothy’s are a smidge too loose:

Leave in the Rothy’s insole and put the slim insole (this one again) UNDER it, so you have two insoles. The second insole stays nice and snug under the first one and gives your foot just a little lift for a perfect fit.

Remember: Wear your Rothy’s Inside the House Until You Are Sure You Have a Perfect Fit! As long as you wear your Rothy’s inside, you can exchange them within 30 days.

Exchanges Really Are Easy

I’ve only had to do an exchange once and it was super easy. I followed the instructions on the Rothy’s delivery alert email and ordered an exchange for the next size. They emailed me a postage paid return label and I held onto it for a few days until the bigger size arrived. Then, I tried on both sizes to make sure I picked the one that fit best. All in all, it was a pretty painless process!

P.S. If you are interested in checking out how I style my Rothy’s, you can find me on Instagram here: PocketfulofJoules on Instagram!

* Based on my own experience and feedback that I’ve heard from others.

Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon Affiliate Program link. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Insoles to Wear with Your Rothy’s for a Perfect Fit”

  1. Hi Joules, THANK YOU so much for all of this info! I have also been debating on the Rothy’s, and have been hesitant because of the price. I appreciate the reviews, and definitely the referral code!

  2. This post was a life saver. Thank you so much! With the Odor Eaters insoles my shoes are much more comfortable. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the soft and slim insole suggestion. I didn’t want to exchange them and have to wait for the new ones. This saved me from having to exchange mine for a half size larger.

  4. I too had to get my head around the price. zBUT, I loooked in my closet and realized how much I had spent on shoes in the last year. It was HUNDREDS. So, I made up my mind & bought my first pair & have loved them ever since. I have about 8 pair now, basically 1 or for every wardrobe color I wear & have been happy ever since. The only complaint I have is finding replacement insoles for the flat. Any suggestions?

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