Let’s Talk About Rothy’s: Are They Worth the Money?

Do you all see the Rothy’s advertisements on Instagram and Facebook? I’m pretty sure they’ve been stalking me for over a year now. Every so often I think that I should check them out, so I google the company and then get scared off by the price. I don’t mind splurging a bit here and there, but I’m a deal hunter… and full-priced Rothy’s are out of my comfort zone.

But OHMYGOSH am I sick of uncomfortable shoes.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased a mid-priced pair of shoes, wore them once or twice and then ripped them off my feet and threw them across the room. I’d spend $40 here and $60 there. Then, another $30 somewhere else. I’ve bought designer brand, brands that were highly recommended, flats, low heels, mid-heels… and basically only two pairs of dress shoes were okay enough to keep wearing. Notice I didn’t say comfortable, because somehow I’d have a pair of leather flats that were perfectly fine for one day and then the next day they’d rub a toe like crazy.

I got to the point where I was just DONE. My closet was full of shoes and basically only the booties were comfortable. Unfortunately, on days that I have to dress up a bit more for meetings booties just aren’t going to cut it.

At that point, when I was sick of wasting money on yet another pair of uncomfortable dress shoes… I saw another Rothy’s advertisement.

And I gave up.

So I went to the Rothy’s website and seriously checked them out.

Source: Rothy’s Instagram

Rothy’s Overview

Rothy’s are made from recycled plastic water bottles that have been sterilized and then fused into fiber that is knit into yarn. The soles are environmentally-friendly recycled carbon-free rubber and the insoles are made of recycled plastic from water bottles and recyclable foam. They are totally seamless with no stiff edges or hard seams. They are also machine washable.

While all of this is pretty cool, I’m really more concerned about whether they are actually going to be comfortable on my feet all day. I checked their return policy and saw that all unworn shoes can be returned within 30 days. They even encourage you to wear them around your house for a bit to make sure that they are really comfortable. I also joined a Rothy’s BST group on Facebook where people sell their shoes and it looked like Rothy’s really hold their value.

With that in mind, I decided to go for it.

Rothy’s Style Options

There are two choices, The Flat ($125) or The Point ($145) {Update: after I published this post they also added The Loafer ($165) and The Sneaker ($125)}. Each version comes in a variety of colors and many come in extended sizes. I prefer the look of The Point, so I decided to order a pair in Indigo Heather. I figured that the blue/white/gray weave would go with a lot of my wardrobe, while still being more exciting than basic black. I tend to wear an 8 or 8.5 in most shoes, so I decided to order an 8.5 in The Point.

Source: Rothy’s website

I’ve never spent this much on a pair of shoes and immediately decided that if they weren’t absolutely perfect they’d go back.

The day after they arrived, I wore them around my house for about 8 hours. To be honest, they felt pretty similar (but less fuzzy) to wearing my slippers. Right out of the box, there was no rubbing or chafing at all. I’ve been fooled before though, so I decided to try them out for a second day before committing. I bought them with me to work and changed into them once I got inside. Then, I walked ALL around the building all day long. And they were still comfortable.


Like really… WOW. They don’t slip off the back of my foot. They don’t hurt my pinky toe. They’re actually really comfortable and look professional. I wore them to work a few days later. And then a few days after that.

And they are still comfortable.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that to me they are worth every single penny. I’m at the point where I’m getting rid of almost every other pair of flats in my closet, because they don’t measure up to my Rothy’s. These shoes are AMAZING!

And I’m obviously not the only one who feels this way. That Rothy’s BST Facebook group I joined has over 2,700 members and these ladies are fanatics about their Rothy’s. There are some ladies on there that have a dozen different pairs of Rothy’s and they wait with baited breath for the next season’s colors to be offered. Now that I’ve tried them myself, I can totally see why!

I’m sold.

Like, really sold.

I love that I finally have comfortable shoes that look professional. Yes, they are expensive. However, the fact that other ladies on the Facebook pages have been wearing theirs nonstop for over a year and throwing them in the washing machine means that these shoes will actually last. I won’t be looking for yet another replacement in 6 months!

Rothy’s Q&A:

Since I’ve started wearing my Rothy’s, I’ve gotten a few questions so I figured I’d do a little Q&A in case you have the same concerns:

They are made out of plastic… doesn’t that make your feet sweaty?
I know you’re imagining those old school jelly shoes that would literally fog up with foot sweat. EW. But these are a woven fabric kind of plastic weave so they actually move and breathe. I haven’t noticed any extra foot sweat. However, I have read on the Facebook page that some ladies who tend to have sweatier feet just throw their insoles in the wash a little more often (and many buy an extra pair of insoles so they can switch them out when needed). 6 Month Update: still have not had any issues with foot sweat.

Is there arch support?
No more than any typical flat shoe. However, you can take the Rothy’s insole out and put in any orthopedic insole you’d need. A bunch of ladies on the Rothy’s fan Facebook page swear by this.

Do you need to break them in?
Nope. This is one of the things that I was most excited about. The way the shoes fit right out of the box is the way that they will stay… there is no breaking in period and they don’t stretch out while you are wearing them!

I have questions on sizing or getting a perfect fit!
11/12/18 Update: After the initial question of ‘do you REALLY love your Rothy’s that much?!’ the next question I get is how to get a perfect fit!

For the long answer: I just wrote a whole blog post about that and you can find my sizing tips and insole tips here: The Best Insoles to Wear with Your Rothy’s for a Perfect Fit.

For the short answer: I take out the Rothy’s insole and replace it with this one that is only about $12 for a set of two pairs. They are super soft and also give you a smidge more space if your shoes are a bit too tight (but not tight enough to go up to the next size).

P.S. If you are interested in checking out how I style my Rothy’s, you can find me on Instagram here: PocketfulofJoules on Instagram!

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28 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Rothy’s: Are They Worth the Money?”

  1. I love my Rothy’s, I love that they are made from recycled materials, that they are machine washable, and that they are comfy. I don’t love the sweaty foot feeling I get from them in the summer and they definitely aren’t good if there’s any kind of rain/dampness on the ground. For me I end up feeling like I’m wearing a wet sock, which kinda makes sense since they are basically a knit shoe. I wear them a lot for work but when I need a dressier work look I go for my Cole Haan Elise wedges. SUPER comfy and the wedge feels like there’s a lot more support than the Rothy’s. The other go-to pointy toe flat that I’ve been loving is my J.Crew factory Edie. Both are super comfy and real leather and are shockingly cheaper than Rothy’s! And honestly, I kinda have weird feet so not every pair of shoes is comfortable for me straight out of the box.

    1. Yes, the fact that you can throw them in the washer is pretty awesome! Have you tried the terry cloth insoles for sweaty feet/hot days? I haven’t tried them myself, but they are highly recommended on the Rothy’s BST FB page. Thanks for your additional shoe recommendations! =)

  2. Oooo this is intriguing. Have you tried Tieks? I have two pairs of those but they DID require breaking in and they’re not 100% perfect still and they’re basically the same price point. Did anyone on the FB group compare the two? This is super tempting to try – I don’t leave my house for work, but I love a comfy cute flat, so they could late me literally forever probably. Thanks for the review!

    1. I have not tried Tieks, but I know they have a huge following. I don’t really like the rounded toe look of them and prefer the pointy toe look for work. =) Lots of people on the Rothy’s BST page are either fans of Tieks too or they decided that they liked their Rothy’s more than their Tieks and sold them off. Fee free to join the Rothy’s BST group and then do a search of “Tieks” to see all the feedback. =)

  3. Thank you for the review! How do you think they would do for someone on their feet all day? I am on my feet at work for multiple hours (4+), and I’m looking for a good shoe for work. The only dress code requirement I have is that my foot is fully covered. Thanks!

    1. I find them very comfortable for a full day of work, followed by standing on my feet for a presentation. However, if you need more arch support, you may want to add in a insole for extra comfort!

  4. I purchased my 1st pair of Rothy’s in May, here it is mid June & I’m addictively up to 6 pairs! Even just ordered a pair & having them shipped to my daughter, everyone needs to try these… my work slippers!

  5. I love both Rothy’s and Tieks, but like you, I prefer my pointed Rothy’s for “dressy” outfits and work.

    To newbies…A heads up if this will be your first Rothy’s pair – there are some QC issues with sizing lately. So you may need to exchange for the same size to get your perfect pair (free returns/exchanges).

    The round toe I can usually fit my regular ballet flat size. From there size up 1/2 size – full size for points and loafers (for me usually 1/2 for points and full for loafers).

    Once you get the pair that fits just right you will be addicted as they are incredibly comfortable and I can’t stress enough how much I love having washable insoles!

  6. Rothys are the best! They completely give you a new wardrobe. I gave away my shoe collection when I started buying these. They are wearable everywhere. The price makes these shoes more inexpensive than my previous shoe collection because I had to buy so many different pair based on activity. I wear these anywhere and everywhere.

  7. I just bought my first pair of Rothy’s after reading a TON of reviews. Ultimately, the positive reviews sold me! I ordered the Lollipop loafer in size 8, they said to order up, but this was true fit for me. Since they are knit, my toe pokes through the fabric a little, but not enough to bother me. They are SO COMFORTABLE, it’s like wearing socks. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality. It’s a very sturdy shoe with a thick sole. I think they will last!

  8. All the positive reviews finally convinced me to order! So glad I did! I’ve had them since the beginning of May and basically haven’t taken them off. My feet are so happy! They wash up wonderfully. My only qualm, because they are knit, they seems to get wet quickly just walking through dewy grass. They dry quickly though, so it’s not a big issue, generally. I wouldn’t hesitate to order them at all!

    1. So glad you found my tip helpful! If the little indenture on the bottom of the shoes bothers you (once the insole is out) try adding a small piece of moleskin to the shoe!

  9. Thanks for the review & code, you convinced me to try them!!! I’m a little worried the sizing might be off on the loafers, but I ordered my regular size and will go from there.

  10. Thanks for the review and the code. Your “don’t steal” post is what really made me buy, I really wanted you to get the twenty bucks as a thank you for making me laugh

  11. The link about the instructions you recommended which are a bit thinner and only cost $12 doesn’t seem to be an active link, could you name them? My toes are a bit squished in my new Points, but I want to love them!!

  12. I love that these are machine washable. What is the material naturally like with holding odor compared to leather? Will they give you smelly feet after wearing them for a day?

    1. Hi Aimee – I think that depends on whether your shoes usually get stinky quickly. Some people on the Rothy’s Facebook page say that they wash their Rothy’s every couple weeks or once a month. I’ve actually not had to wash any of mine yet, as they smell totally fine. =)

  13. Thank you for this post! I was checking out the Rothy’s site since it pops up on my FB all.the.time. Like you, I was scares away by the price. I started googling and came across your blog. Hopefully I can find it again when I’m ready to drop the money on them in about about and use your referral code.

  14. Can you tell me how long these last? I’ve been eyeing them but I want to be sure they’ll last for a long time!

    1. Ive been wearing mine faithfully since the spring and they still look perfect. There are ladies on the Rothy’s Fans FB page that have had them for years and they still look great.

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