Ordering Jeans Online is Awful

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my favorite pair of jeans has been getting a bit worn (Quick & Easy DIY: Patching Distressed Jeans). I was able to patch them, but now I’m kind of afraid that it’s only a matter of time before their super, soft and thin denim just shreds into pieces. So, now seems like the time to find a backup pair.

My first step was to just hunt down the same exact pair and buy a duplicate. They say “Brooke Legging Jeans” in the inside, so it was no big thang to click over on the Lucky Brand website and scoop up a pair in a darker wash. They were on sale, so that worked out well. However, the darker wash fit a little different and I have a smidge more muffin top than I’m comfortable with. They are otherwise cute though, so I kept them just-in-case and kept looking.

Next up, I found another pair of Lucky Brand Brooke Legging Jeans on the Nordstrom Rack website for $35. I ordered them and found some other crap to add to my online cart to qualify for free shipping. When this new pair arrived I could barely squeeze my thigh into the leg hole. WTF?!  Everything went back to the store.

THEN, I was reading a fashion blog and one of the bloggers recommended a pair of jeans saying that they were so super soft and stretchy. Well, soft and stretchy sound good to me! They were $45, which is so much better than most of the ‘blogger recommended’ jeans out there, so I decided to use that Nordstrom free shipping and order a pair to try.

While I was in the ordering mood, I saw that the STS Blue tomboy jeans were also on sale for $33. I bought a pair in my September Trunk Club trunk and wore them all fall long. The only issue is that they are the rolled-cuff boyfriend jeans, so they aren’t so great for winter ankle coverage. I thought I’d try this similar version to see if they’d become my new favorites. I checked the ones I had and ordered the same size, and then also ordered the next size up in case Muffin-gate returned.

Oh, and a t-shirt. I also ordered a t-shirt.

Everything finally came in a few days ago… and it all sucked. Ok, it didn’t ALL suck because the t-shirt was great. But ALL THREE pairs of jeans fit weird. Those amazing blogger jeans were so, so, so skin tight. And the tomboy jeans were much more distressed in person than online – the size I ordered previously fit great, and the larger size fit smaller than the smaller size. Sigh.

So yeah, the moral of the story is that I’m done ordering jeans online.

{I did recently find some thrifting though and I’ll share them in my end of the month thrifting wrap up!}

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8 thoughts on “Ordering Jeans Online is Awful”

  1. I buy Old Navy jeans once a year when they are $19, but only the y’all. I don’t make the height cut off but talks have a longer though. And I have a pair that I’ve happily embroidered and, finally, too a sacrificial pair of pants and added a later to the inner thigh. I’m actually excited for my next pair to reach the embroidery stage

  2. I recently wanted pink skinny jeans. I ordered a handful of different styles of Levi’s from Macy’s. One style the 28 fit, one style the 29 fit, and another I couldn’t even get one leg in the 29. WTH all the same brand?

  3. I’ve been loving this brand I found at Nordstrom. They might be a nordstrom exclusive because I’ve never found them anywhere else. They’re called “Wit and Wisdom” and have this amazing interior stretch band which makes them SO COMFORTABLE. Some friends and family members have tried too, all of us have muffin top issues, and we all love them. I’ve only tried the ones in their “ab-solution” line.

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