Dressing Room Snaps: Anthropologie Sale on Sale

My social media reminded me that every year after Christmas I take a trip to Anthropologie to check out their ‘Sale on Sale’ section in person. Everything in their sale section is an extra 40% off, so it’s nice to try things on to make some decisions. I made the trip last week, so I wanted to give you a peek into my dressing room snaps!

NOTE: I just checked the website again before publishing today’s post and they now have 50% off all sale items!!

Here’s what I found on my in-person store stop:

Pilcro Deep V Sweater – find it here

Size worn: XL

Price: $98 marked down to $41

I probably would have grabbed this in a large to try, but the only one I saw was an XL and I like my sweaters oversized and schlumpy, so I tried it. It’s a very chunky sweater but has no wool (made up of: cotton, acrylic, polyester and elastane), so I didn’t overheat in it. I like that it’s boxy fitting, but has that deep v-neck, a slit up the sides and fun sleeves too. This one will be perfect for weekends with jeans or joggers and I think it will get plenty of wear this winter.

Self Contrast Top (no link because I can’t find it online)

Size worn: Medium

Price: $78 marked down to $29

What is happening here? Why is my belly button out and about in the world? I do not consent. All kidding aside, I thought this top with the swoopy cross-over would be cute but it is clearly not for me.

Bhanuni by Jyoti Tiered Dress – find it here

Size worn: 14

Price: $230 marked down to $101

Once again, I sized up because there were no other sizes in the store. Typically, I’d wear a 12 in this kind of dress since it is more structured fabric. However, it’s probably good that this one was a 14 because it fit my chest properly and a smaller size may have been too tight. I did really like the fabric and coloring of this dress, but didn’t love the transparent black lace panel in the skirt. It fit in my boho aesthetic I love, but I prefer dresses that I can dress up for work or down for the weekends. This one didn’t come home with me.

Marais Printed Chiffon Maxi Dress find it here

Size worn: Medium and XL

Price: $180 marked down to $78

Okay, it’s clear that this dress doesn’t photograph as well as it looks in person. I tried the black and white version first in an XL (no larges in the store for any colorway) and liked it a lot. Just for funsies, I also tried a medium to see the size difference – it’s clear this should be a flowy dress, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too sack-like – and it fit EXACTLY THE SAME as an XL, except for the length was shorter. Weird.

Then I tried the gold version (also XL) and LOVED IT. I felt like twirling through a field, or curling up with a book in the middle of wildflowers, or going antiquing with a coffee in my hand. The dress is a mood. With all that being said, I loved and bought the gold version. I can’t wait to try it alone, with booties and a hat, belted, with a denim jacket, with a moto jacket… ALL the ways!

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One thought on “Dressing Room Snaps: Anthropologie Sale on Sale”

  1. I liked the black and white dress. The gold is very pretty, but something about the black and white dress. But, that’s just me. I go for black and white prints. I hope you are having a very good first thrifting in the new year!

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