2023 Goals

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Each year, instead of resolutions I like to give myself actual, attainable goals. For 2022, I was focusing on taking small steps to make habits. Specifically, around exercising more, drinking more water, and eating healthier. You know, like basically everyone in the whole world.

However, at the end of the year I was inspired by everyone’s ‘end of year’ social media posts and started brainstorming my own in the notes app of my phone. I never actually bothered posting it, but here it is.

My 2022 Breakdown

  • I read 112 books
  • I traveled to Universal Studios FL, Ocean City MD, Austin TX, Atlantic City NJ, and New York City (2x)
  • I wrote and published 96 blog posts
  • I used the Peloton app 365 days
  • I cycled over 675 minutes
  • I renovated/updated: master bathroom, walk-in closet (x2, his and hers), Jack’s bedroom, master bedroom, living room, and Jack’s bathroom.
  • I saw 2 shows on Broadway in NYC and 1 in DC.

None of those are about eating healthier. Most of them aren’t about exercising more. But, they all made me really, really happy.

So, for 2023, here are my goals:

  • Read 100 books or more because it makes me happy.
  • Travel more, even if it’s a weekend away. A new place feels awesome and we never regret getting away for an adventure.
  • Keep writing here. Fun fact: I’m quickly coming up on my 12 year blog anniversary!
  • Keep using the Peloton app, because I enjoy keeping up with my streak.
  • See if I can beat last year’s total of 675 cycling minutes.
  • Keep up with some DIY/home update projects, because it helps me enjoy our home even more.

So that’s it. My 2023 is going to be centered around the things that help me ‘fill my cup’ with happiness. Whether it be giggling with my husband, spending time with friends and family, repainting a room, snuggling with Jack, or driving around with the windows down and the wind in my hair… bring on the happy.

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4 thoughts on “2023 Goals

  1. I think it really is about being happy, and sharing happy. This will be my goal, to try to do both. It is interesting what makes me happy. Such a mixed bowl of things!
    I also am trying to share things I feel, without being mean, or putting anyone on the defensive. Reading books has always been a love of mine, but I will try to venture out into other authors, ones I wouldn’t normally try. I might even keep track of how many! Thanks for that!

    Thanks for sharing your achievements, (sp?) and goals for 2023!

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