Dressing Room Snaps: Nordstrom Rack

You all gave me the feedback that you like it when I do my Dressing Room Snaps, so when I stopped by Nordstrom Rack the other day, I decided to do an impromptu dressing room photo shoot.

But…um, with no makeup and a messy ponytail. Because… FASHION.

Anyways, I went into Nordstrom Rack because I had a couple things on my list: a long black sweater to replace one that I have that is super worn, and a work-appropriate blouse or two that I can pair with a sweater for a Casual Friday jeans look.

Come along with me for my dressing room pic montage!

Sanctuary knit cardigan, $24.97

Wearing size medium

Find it here: https://shopstyle.it/l/bayyS

This is exactly what I needed when I came to the store, so yay me! I have a black sweater that I thrifted that I throw over tops for work on a regular basis, but it is getting really stretched out. This one is nice and thin, and I sized down to a medium so it’s not too oversized.

Cyrus cardigan, $24.97

Wearing size large

Not online.

Hanging on the rack next to the black cardigan was this gorgeous green version. It’s a bit fuzzier than the black one (and a different brand) and the “burnt olive” is so, so, so pretty to me. I even like it with my t-shirt, leggings and high-tops that I had on.

Adrianna Papell Tie-Neck sweater, $19.97

Wearing size large

Find it here: https://shopstyle.it/l/bazJi

This pretty green tie-neck sweater kinda meets my needs for a work top. I was really looking for something more silky to stick under a cardigan, but the classic shape with the tie-neck and the balloon sleeves is just so pretty. I tried it two ways: one as if I had on black pants (use your imagination and pretend my leggings are pants) and one tucked into a skirt.

Halogen Snakeskin Pleated skirt, $34.97

Wearing size 12

Not online.

Okay, once again get that imagination out and pretend I didn’t just throw this on over my sneakers and leggings. I’m kind of obsessed with all the animal prints right now, so this skirt was totally screaming for me to try it on. It still has the $89.00 tags on it from the main Nordstrom store and at some point was sent over to the Rack and put on sale. Did I neeeeed this skirt? Nope. Did I really, really want it. Heck yeah!

Halogen Scoop top, $9.97

Wearing size large

Not online.

I picked this top up out of the clearance section because it is super soft, a pretty color, and a great layering piece. I tried it tucked in to the snakeskin skirt, but I’m not sure if that pairing is a winner. Maybe with a cardigan too? Or a blazer? The scoop is actually supposed to be in the back, with a high-neck in the front. But I like it better this way. This one may be layered under a sleeveless dress for winter warmth and coverage, or be stuck under a sweater to keep the itchies away. Either way, it’s totally worth the $10.

Do you have a favorite look?

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