Home Chef: 1 Year Check-In

I did my initial full review of Home Chef about a year ago. If you need a refresher, you can find it here: Reviewing Home Chef.

Home Chef wasn’t my first try at meal service deliveries though, as I had previously tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh too. So, I thought I’d do a quick one-year check-in and let you all know if we are still loving it.

Short answer: YES. We still love Home Chef and are sticking with it.

Each week, I have 21 meals to choose from. TWENTY-ONE options! There are tons of meals every week: poultry-based, seafood-based, meat-based, or just veggie-based. We typically stick with a 2-person serving size, but if I know it’s something Jack will also love I’ll bump it up to 4-servings and have leftovers. However, many times the 2-serving portion totally stretches enough to include our 2nd grader too (so keep that in mind if there are smaller kids in the house).

Let’s take a look at one of my upcoming orders:

Here are the three meals I picked to be delivered on December 17th:

  • Sweet and Spicy Coconut Mahi-Mahi with charred baby box choy and pineapple rice
  • Roasted Red Pepper Steak Linguine with spinach and Parmesan
  • Shrimp Bruschetta Risotto with Asiago and grape tomatoes

Our total for this week is $63.70 for the three meals.

And here are alllll the other options I had for that same week:

Pretty impressive, right?! I could have added meals, protein packs of meat, salads for lunch, or even a smoothie!

We’ve been using Home Chef for over a year now and I will typically get 1 – 2 orders delivered each month. I love the variety in the options and that we get to try lots of different dishes in the comfort of our own home. I also make sure to keep an eye out for their “Home Chef Express” options which take 10 – 15 minutes to make when I know I have a busy week coming up.

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If you would like to try Home Chef, you are welcome to use my special referral code: https://www.homechef.com/invite/gbd4Ves20o5rY Those who sign up using the referral invitation will receive a $30 discount off of their first order and I will earn $30 in Home Chef credit towards a future order.

If you do decide to try Home Chef, please let me know what you think! A little tip though, when you sign up for your first delivery go in and immediately “pause” your second delivery date. That way you can try out a box and decide whether you want to keep the subscription before having to pay for a second box. Then, if you don’t like it just hit “cancel” and you won’t get any more boxes or be charged more than your initial payment.

{Disclosure: This was not a sponsored review. I paid for my Home Chef subscription with my own money. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own. If you choose to use my special referral promo code, I will receive a credit towards my future Home Chef orders. For anyone who does decide to use the code… my tummy thanks you!}

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2 thoughts on “Home Chef: 1 Year Check-In”

  1. We love Home Chef and have been using it weekly for about 4 years now. It has vastly reduced my grocery bill since I don’t buy stuff that will be thrown out just to complete a recipe. Also we eat out much less. It is perfect for our two person home. Home Chef Express is also a favorite of mine. I also like that you can customize your protein options and change a fish dish to chicken, or a pork dish to beef etc. Love, love, love.

  2. Always glad to hear of someone else who likes HomeChef! It has been a game changer for me. I was never particularly interested in cooking, much to my grandmother’s chagrin. Something flipped in my head a couple of years ago & HomeChef seemed like a good fit. The recipes are easy to follow, the ingredients aren’t scary, and the price is just right. I’ve learned a lot with HomeChef & Food Network, and now I look forward to cooking! And like you noted, the choices are outstanding!

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