November Thrift Haul

My November thrifting was small… but mighty. I only had the opportunity to go to one thrift store this month, but I found three fantastic items!

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Lucky Brand hooded tie-sweatshirt thing, $12

First up is this Lucky Brand sweatshirt, robe, tie-thingie. It is made out of sweatshirt material and has both a hood and a tie… and I’m calling it a fancy house robe topper. When I get home and immediately change into my comfies, I stick on leggings/sweatpants/pajama pants, a t-shirt, and this thingie. And it’s wonderful.

Striped Sweater $5.89

This is the kind of sweater that I thrift, wear the bejesus out of until it’s misshapen and pilled, and then donate and the cycle starts all over again. This one is a pretty moss green with black stripes and I’ve already worn it to work once over a black t-shirt and jeans. At less than $6, this was perfectly priced for something that will get plenty of wear.

Rene Lezard skirt, $4.89

This skirt was the amazing thrift score of the month! It was grouped in with the mediums, but I loved it at first sight so I decided to try it on even though my butt is firmly in the large category. It is some sort of amazing faux leather material, but feels like super soft actual leather to me. The inside tag said 36, which according to European conversion charts should be around a 10 in US sizing. I did some research when I got home and this brand is an upscale German brand with similar skirts on their website selling for 299 – 399 EUR, which is $320 – $430. HOLY. MOLY!

As it is, I just think it’s super cool and can’t wait to pair it with some black tights, boots and a sweater!

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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