Dressing Room Snaps: Nordstrom Rack (the Clearance Section)

One of the things you all said you enjoyed on my Reader’s Survey is when I camp out in a dressing room and take a crap-ton of photos to share with you all. I try to go all stealth-mode by turning the volume off on my phone so that people in neighboring stalls don’t hear the click of my camera shutter… but I usually only remember to do that after the first couple pictures. Oops.


Last night I decided to hit up the Nordstrom Rack clearance section and found some super awesome deals. Here are some of my favorites:

Item #1: Rebecca Taylor Garden Embroidered Top
Size worn: 10
Original price: $295, Rack clearance price: $88.50
Sold out, but it’s this one

I love how the Rebecca Taylor brand mixes girlie accents with grown up fabrics. I have a blazer from the line (also scored on clearance from Nordstrom Rack) that is the magical combo of professional + comfortable + a little girlie. This top is so pretty in person with the embroidery and flowy fit. I liked it, but didn’t love it though… so this one went back on the rack.

Item #2: Abound Pleated Floral Skirt
Size worn: Large
Price: $31.97
Find it on their website here

This skirt wasn’t actually found in the clearance section, but as I was walking though the store. You can tell by the tag/price that it was made especially for Nordstrom Rack, which isn’t going to give you as good of a deal as if it came from a main Nordstrom store. This skirt is so ME though. It has flowers and pleats and that adorable contrasting striped waistband! It is super comfortable too, since the waistband is a stretchy cotton.

I grabbed an orange/coral colored sweater to try on with the skirt and I love the mix. Unfortunately, the sweater was a little transparent and itchy for me… but I’ll be keeping my eye out for a similar colored top on my next thrifting trip. If you are shopping for this skirt (available on the Nordstrom Rack website here in all sizes), I would say the large fits like a 10/12 with some comfortable room in the hips/butt area. I can see me styling this with a colored top, a black top, or even a t-shirt and jean jacket. This one definitely came home with me!

Item #3: Loveappella wrap dress
Size worn: Large
Original price: $90, Rack clearance price: $49.97
Same dress, different color for $39.97 on their website

I liked the pattern of this wrap dress and recognized the brand as being one that Stitch Fix sends. The fabric was super soft too. It looks okay in the photo, but in real life it certainly highlighted my not-a-baby-bump. Too bad too, because I liked the cut of the skirt and the ¾ sleeves too. This one stayed at the Rack. If you like it, they do have a medium in a similar print on their website for $39.97.

Item #4: Betsy Johnson dress
Size worn: 12
Original price: $128, Rack clearance price: $32
Not available online

You can tell from the tags that this dress was at a Nordstrom store before it got marked down a couple times and moved to a Nordstrom Rack. It started out at $128, was marked down to $79.80, moved to the Rack at $49.97 and I found it on clearance for $32.00. It is quite blousy and I probably could have gone down a size. However, the loose fit and elastic waist makes it super comfortable. Also, the colors in the fabric will totally work for cooler seasons with a pair of fleece-lined tights. I had a feeling it would look especially good with a blazer for work… so I threw on an outfit for a photo this morning:

Cute, right?

Item #5: Maggy London Palm Spray Print Wrap Dress
Size worn: 12
Original price: $98, Rack clearance price: $39.97
Sold out, but it’s this one.
Here’s one that’s almost identical on sale today for $39.99!
And here is one in the exact same style, but a different color scheme (also on sale today for $39.99)!

Here’s another dress that was sent over from a main Nordstrom store. They probably transferred it over the moment it went off-season, but I don’t mind a bit! I shared some of my dressing room pictures last night and this one got the most “likes” by far. This dress is the perfect traveling dress because you could crumple it in a ball and straighten it back out with no wrinkles. It’s certainly a more summary dress, but I love it so much that I wore it to work today anyways!

UPDATE: a friend/reader commented on my Facebook post that they loved this dress and they are bummed that it’s sold out. I ended up finding the exact dress in two different prints on the Maggy London website and they have a super special sale today where they are $39! Here’s one in a super similar blue print like mine and here is a navy/mauve print. Happy Shopping!

Item #6: St. John Couture  
Size worn: 12
Original price: $1,295, Rack clearance price: $259
Not available online

Yeah, I basically only tried this on because it’s St. John Couture and it was originally $1,295. OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS for some kind of sweater thing that doesn’t even keep you warm

Do you enjoy these impromptu Dressing Room try-on posts? Do you have a favorite look? Can you believe that the St. John Couture piece could basically be somebody’s monthly mortgage?!


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  1. Love these posts, I can’t explain why. 🙂 Love the blue and white dress. I doubted the Betsy Johnson dress, but your styling made it awesome.

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