Dressing Room Snaps: Nordstrom Rack

Since you all had such great feedback on my last Dressing Room Snaps post, I decided to go ahead and take some quick pictures when I recently stopped by Nordstrom Rack.

One of the things that I love about Nordstrom Rack is that you never know what you are going to find. On this day, I brought 15 items into the changing room and photographed my favorites…

Item #1: Bobeau polka dot skirt
Size worn: Large
Original price: $72, Rack price: $29.97
Not available online

I had high hopes for this skirt with the pretty polka dots and elastic waist, however it was just ‘eh’ in my book. The dotted layer of fabric was more transparent than I realized, which showed off the shorter slip. All in all, it wasn’t going to come home with me.

Item #2: Bobeau brushstroke skirt
Size worn: Large
Original price: $58, Rack price: $26.97
Not available online

This navy and white skirt is super comfortable and it has pockets, so that already is a couple extra points in its favor! The length is a little below my knees and it seems both comfortable and flattering. I think that once the weather warms up a bit, this will look great with wedge sandals. Of course, right now it’s way too cold, but at $26.97 it make sense to buy it now and let it hang out in my closet for a bit. This one was a keeper and I can’t wait to style it.

Item #3: Diane von Furstenberg Cici mixed-print skirt
Size worn: 12
Original price: $398, Rack price: $119.40
Not available online

I admit that I grabbed this skirt off the rack strictly because of the Diane von Furstenberg name. However, it’s just really ugly. Like, SO ugly. I mean, I think someone else may be able to carry this off… but not me!

Item #4: Obey Oxblood Suede Moto jacket
Size worn: Large
Original Price: $224, Rack price: $129.97
Not available online

I don’t need a suede moto jacket, but this one was so pretty that I couldn’t resist trying it on. Looking at the pictures, I’m kind of kicking myself for not getting this one. It was a bit cropped, and the oxblood color is so pretty. {banging head against wall} I’m seriously considering stopping back by tonight to see if I can track it down again…

On my way out of the dressing room, I stopped though the accessories area and saw a couple super cute items:

You are my Happy Place glass tray, $12.97

Pet’s Rock glass magnets, $4.97

Final Thoughts
I love Nordstrom Rack and I especially love the thrill of the hunt, so I’m pretty happy with my purchases. I came home with: the brushstroke skirt ($26.97), the glass magnet set ($4.97) and a pair of black tights ($6.97) for a total of: $41.24. I kind of wish I had also scooped up that oxblood moto jacket though… what do you think, should I try to run back by and see if I can find it again?

Do you enjoy these impromptu Dressing Room try-on posts? Should I try to track down that moto jacket?

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